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Deploy our media solutions to stream your content non-linearly across devices.
We offer powerful, multifunctional and scalable marketplace platform.
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Leverage the opportunities in mobile, cloud and social media. Monitor the buzz about your brand in social networks and marketplaces. React promptly to negative vibes as soon as soon as you find one anywhere in social media. Use our predictive analytics to detect market trends and modify strategies in good time.

Get a centrally accessible repository to manage your media and digital assets to drive value for your marketing efforts. Manage your all media content, videos, images, text and audios, from creation to consumption, across the organization and extended enterprise.

Our marketing automation tools let you drive leads through the sales funnel. Attract socially networked customers to your marketplace.

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Delight your audience by delivering an exceptional experience across channels. Find opportunities to engage with customers on social networks. Use rich media to capture business opportunities and deliver personalized marketing messages to promote your brand.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Information Management System
  • Vendor Management System
  • Catalog Management System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Billing and Revenue Management
  • Brand Management
  • Subscription Management

Why Should You Choose Flexsin?

  • Do business better: We offer insightful solutions using best practices based on our deep industry expertise and adoption of newest technological and marketing innovations.
  • Industry focused solutions: Flexsin has teams of seasoned professionals that quickly relate to customer concerns and offer exceptional customized solutions with timely results.
  • Security of data: Brainstorming on data security threats is common in boardroom discussions. With our cloud storage solutions and multiple layers of security and privileged access rights.
  • Real-time interactive communication: Our project managers work to your convenience as per local time zone all over the world.
  • Tight integration of operational and financial information for process efficiency.
  • Control, monitor and manage processes of whole organization efficiently.
  • Inter-portability with third party applications.
  • Scalable and customizable.
  • Real time access to accurate information and intelligent reporting.
  • Project management, customer relationship management and supply chain management.
  • Better and faster informed decision making.
Case Studies
Discover our growing portfolio of digital products and technology solutions that accelerate business transformation for global enterprises and SMBs from different verticals.
Media & Entertainment
Unit Testing Improved The ERP Software Code Dependability For A US-Based Technology Company
The client's business solution was robust, no doubt. However, the addition of new features made the software vulnerable to new ...
Media & Entertainment
An Online Wedding Planner Platform On MEAN Improved The Guest Satisfaction Rate
Wanting to partner with leading software development professionals, the client wanted to build, design, and deploy a user-friendly ...
Media & Entertainment
A Multilingual Social Network On CakePHP Improved Collaboration Outcomes For Its Global Users
To accelerate its business growth and enable more people to connect with each other, the client wanted to design, develop, and ...
Media & Entertainment
A Sports Card Trading Web Application Built On The Microsoft Tech Stack For Collectors
The client brought Flexsin's development team on board. By cashing in on this team's expertise and experience, the client was ...
Media & Entertainment
A Real-Time Stallion Booking System Powered By Microsoft Lifted The ROI For Stud Owners And Broodmare Managers In The US
Our client wanted an application that can act as a clearinghouse for services provided to a small community of niche users in ...
Media & Entertainment
An Online Marketplace On CodeIgniter Improved Planning Outcomes For The American Bridal Community
The Client was looking for software development professionals for the new design and technology transfer from Microsoft to Open ...
Media & Entertainment
A Digital Portal On WooCommerce Helped A UK-Based Farm Park Lift Its UX And Deliver Returns
Farmer Palmer's come to us for website development that help in expanding their business to a larger extend. They want attractive ...
Media & Entertainment
A Joomla-Enabled Web Portal Helped An Australian Bureau Of Speakers Improve Its Reach
The client approached us as we have profound expertise and extensive experience in website development services. Our clients also ...
Media & Entertainment
Online Marketplace for Privately Owned New/Used Cars & Trucks
Seeking to expand its market presence and drive business growth, client turned to Flexsin for the development, maintenance, and ...
Media & Entertainment
Developed A Social Network-Cum-Shopping Platform for A US-Based Fashion Giant
The aim of the client was to build a platform for sharing and exploring global fashion by real people. They came up with the idea ...
Media & Entertainment
Eponies: Data-Tracking App That Helped An American Equestrian Performance Sporting Business
The client already had a website that enjoyed massive patronage. However, now, the client wanted to enter the mobile app scene ...
Media & Entertainment
Crowdit :Mobile App That Helped Sports Fans Share Their Favorite Moments And Reactions
The client wanted to build an app that could be fans of different games, such as baseball, basketball and soccer. The client also ...
Media & Entertainment
Online Dating App With Audio-Video Calling And Private Chatting
The app is an innovative chat-to-meet people dating platform that allows you to connect with the likeminded people who are looking ...
Media & Entertainment
Specialized application for enthusiasts to discuss sports and related updates
The client wanted to develop a platform exclusively for sports enthusiasts wherein they can discuss everything related to games ...
Media & Entertainment
Mobile App for Memes Creations For Medical World
The client wanted to bring humor to the dry medical world. Because of this goal, the client wanted an interactive app that streamlined ...
Media & Entertainment
Social Club and Performer Management App
Client approached us to develop an App that helps users to connect to their favourite performer, bartender and gentlemen's club ...
Media & Entertainment
Lifestyle Management App
Client approached us design an app that could help surfing enthusiasts to find a fellow surfer, a friend, coach and photographer ...
Media & Entertainment
Geo-location Based Social Discussion App
Client approached us with a requirement for a crossplatform app to be used on both iOS and Android platforms. The content of the ...
Media & Entertainment
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Data Transfer App
Client approached us to design and develop an app that serves as an easy platform when it comes to sharing media files or data ...
Media & Entertainment
Augmented Reality Based Gaming App
Client approached us to develop a virtual platform (AR/VR) which more like a game blended with entertainment and amusement. Client's ...


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