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Flexsin Becomes Salesforce Consulting Partner To Drive Digital Innovation In Customer Engagement

Jun 04,2020
June 04, 2020 Noida, Uttar Pradesh: Flexsin, a global digital transformation company, is now a Salesforce consulting partner that brings next-level innovation into customer journeys. Boasting rich work experience in customer relationship management (CRM) landscape, the company has built deep expertise in Salesforce which is the world's top CRM ecosystem.

The company has enabled enterprises to use Salesforce digital accelerators for revolutionizing the way enterprises market, sell, collaborate and innovate. With a proven track record in delivering Salesforce consultation, Flexsin helps Fortune 500 companies and SMEs in designing, implementing and driving Salesforce-driven transformation experiences for customers.

Besides having Salesforce consultation capabilities, Flexsin has empowered enterprises with its expertise across different Salesforce clouds including Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Sales Cloud. The company has a growing community of Salesforce consultation specialists including developers and innovators; the team is skilled in executing even the most complex Salesforce deployments within a predefined timeframe.

With announcing its Salesforce consulting partnership, Flexsin showcases the contributions it has made toward empowering its customers with its CRM domain expertise and best practices. As a recognized Salesforce consulting partner, Flexsin has helped many of its customers in achieving digital transformation. By aligning its expertise with Salesforce best practices, the company has helped its clients develop a robust center of enablement that increases their time to value.

The Salesforce partnership reinstates the company's commitment toward growing its wide breadth of consultation capabilities. Owing to its extensive Salesforce consultation capabilities, the company has delivered successful customer engagement programs. These digital programs, in turn, have enabled the company's clients, spanning multiple industries and diverse geographies, to embrace the next level of business transformation.

Flexsin has unmatched Salesforce expertise and deep industry knowledge in delivering market-leading capabilities that empower enterprises to overcome their existing and future transformation challenges. The company has the know-how of consulting, designing and deploying innovative and scalable Salesforce solutions so that enterprises unlock fresh channels of growth and value.
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