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Social Network Platform for Fashion Industry
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Project Overview

Our client and his team are multicultural individuals who strongly believe that everyone's personal style deserves the same appreciation as high-gloss fashion imagery. They came up with the idea to have a social platform for Fashion Industry. FASHOM is basically a social platform that celebrates the everyday self-expression and unedited unique styles of real people around the world. The aim of the client was to build a platform for sharing and exploring global fashion by real people.

This platform allows users to upload their own photos and videos, like and comment on posts, tag the brands they are wearing, follow other users, explore new fashion ideas, and share their content to other platforms. The user can also search a digital global map to see where other users are posting and find cross-cultural inspiration. Fashom is the perfect place to showcase your own everyday style. Fashom promotes socialization of everyday fashion from people, providing a forum for users of the app to post images of their own unique style.

Project Challenge

Keeping the business prospects in mind we proposed a simple UI presentation. Also, we had to make web-services to connect mobile apps to database and users will get real-time updates. From the backend section admin required functionality to manage users, gallery, contents, pages and even more. The website also has blog feature which is admin manageable and online chat feature for all users.

Most important issue in website creation is 'readability'. Readability refers to the practice of delivering the write up in a way that enhances ease of reading. While creating a website, you should focus on making it readable for all users, regardless of their backgrounds and age groups.

The Endeavor

We focused the design on the user interface, making the site SEO friendly, and keeping in mind scalability and the addition of future modules. We deployed a dedicated team to provide timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, a business analyst and a testing engineer.

Our client is happy with the execution of the idea and looks forward to expanding the project. It was really exciting working with this client and the end result was a successful launch of another great project.

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Client feedback

Well done guys. I got the project delivered on time and Flexsin would be our technology partner.
Mitali Saxena Founder - Fashom.com, California, USA
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