Digital Transformation

Scale up from digitization to digital transformation by embracing next-gen digital technology to obtain faster,
clearer and better results from business outcomes with a 360° impact.
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Digital Transformation Services
We are a digital technology partner offering digital transformation and product engineering services to ISVs, enterprises, and consumer internet conglomerates worldwide. We consult, design, develop, and deploy digital ecosystems with cloud and data at the center. Our products use digital technologies to connect people, processes, and infra.
  • Product Engineering

    Product Engineering

    Get the expertise of full technology stack in building and deploying digital products and applications that deliver security, boost revenue, and disrupt markets.
  • Web Solutions


    From designing immersive front-ends to deploying robust backends, we help build and optimize web assets that deliver business agility at the speed enterprises need.
  • Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    Create and deploy connected experiences built on emerging technologies such as SharePoint, Azure, AWS, Odoo, Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Salesforce.
  • Mobility Solutions


    Build enterprise mobility to uncover growth opportunities, overcome global business challenges, and serve customers in an always-on digital ecosystem at scale.
Digital Transformation Enablers
To drive a digital strategy, just going digital isn't sufficient. A business needs to develop an ecosystem facilitating digital accessibility and creating disruptive innovation strategies to leverage the full potential of digital transformation.
  • Azure
    Use Azure stack to modernize IT and migrate to the cloud.
  • AWS
    Lift productivity to boost operational efficiency with AWS.
  • Google Cloud
    Drive a new era of transformation with the cloud at the center.
  • Salesforce
    Build robust digital bridges to connect and collaborate faster.
  • Dynamics 365
    Create intelligent business apps that make enterprises agile.
  • SAP
    Maximize IT and enterprise benefits with ERP solutions.
  • Odoo
    SMBs unleash digital transformation with Odoo capabilities.
  • Office 365
    Minimize IT burden and boost productivity with Office 365.
  • Open Source
    Harness open source to build open processes at work.

Digital Transformation Framework

Build a robust digital ecosystem that focuses on retooling technology, reengineering processes, and upskilling talent. We empower enterprises to make strategic decisions that accelerate the pace of business transformation, promote digital adoption, and improve agility at the scale your business deserves.
Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation KPI

The deep expertise in next-gen tools, cutting-edge software, and emerging technologies enables us to not only implement digital initiatives but also measure their enterprise-wide impact. Our digital accelerators link digital with business outcomes. We have specialists who will help you measure the digital success of your business through operational efficiency, customer and employee engagement, and new value generation.
Key Differentiators

Core Vertical Expertise in Digital Transformation

Enterprises and SMEs belonging to different verticals use our deep capabilities in digital automation and business transformation to deliver omnichannel customer experiences and reimagine what growth means.
Healthcare & Life Science
Empowering healthcare enterprises and MedTech players worldwide to leverage digital accelerators that improve care delivery and enhance patient experience now and beyond.
Media & Entertainment
Helping media conglomerates and entertainment houses to harness the power of digital for overcoming challenges of data overload and building ROI-driven monetization models.
Finance & Banking
Enabling fintech businesses to build digitally powered processes that connect the workforce with cognitive innovation and cloud-driven solutions that help forecast better and faster.
Manufacturing & Industrial
Creating digital capabilities with IoT, robotics, and AI for manufacturing units and industrial players to stay competitive and capitalize on new opportunities at an astonishing speed.
Real Estate
Fueling digital innovation for real estate businesses that will help them prevent value erosion, engage buyers better, and deliver incredible bottom-line benefits at an unbelievable scale.
Retail & eCommerce
Improving retail enterprises to reimagine business processes and build the store of the future that will seamlessly switch between in-store and online buying experiences.
Facts At A Glance
Flexsin enables enterprises to energize their digital core and navigate the next more confidently and fast and build next-gen innovation capabilities.
  • 15+ Successful Years
  • 500+ Agile Enabled Resources
  • 2500+ Projects Delivered
  • 5+ Global Locations
  • 15+ Countries Covered
  • 10+ Technology Partnership
  • Processes CMMI Standards
  • DevOps We Deliver Value
  • Engagement Customer First
Manoj Lobo Applications Development Manager Future Pipe Industries Dubai

Before the project went live, we had the vision to make our recruitment processes work as swiftly as we do. And we are happy that the essence of that vision remained intact throughout the project lifecycle. Whether it was about creating a project roadmap or providing po ....

Case Studies
Discover our growing portfolio of digital products and technology solutions that accelerate business transformation for global enterprises and SMBs from different verticals.
Rebuilding A Feature-Rich Mobile App Harnessing React Native That Elevated User Engagements Up To 64% For An Astro Consulting Firm
The client desired to consolidate their app code usage into a single hybrid technology. Thus, it envied adopting a framework, ...
Odoo CRM Implementation For A Renowned Recovery Law Firm To Manage And Covert Leads Into Clients
As the client was struggling with legacy CRM modules, it wanted to transform the way it dealt with clients. Our client was facing ...
Retail & eCommerce
Zoho Modules Enhancing Sales, Inventory Control, and Financial Operations in the Food Industry
Working with manual, suboptimal processes was hindering business growth. Before our technology partnership, the client struggled ...
Industrial & Manufacturing
Improving Customer Interactions and Streamlining Sales in Material Handling Equipment Trading by Zoho Implementation
Suffering from low customer engagement and infective sales processes, the client was looking for a robust digital solution. Here ...
Industrial & Manufacturing
20% Leads Increased For Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Company by Zoho CRM Implementation
The client struggled with no digital process to manage leads. Because of that reason, the client missed out on a number of growth ...
Healthcare & Life Science
Revitalizing Patient Relationships with Zoho CRM for a Hearing Aid Center
The hearing aid center relied on manual processes and legacy systems, which slowed its service delivery and made marketing ineffective. ...
Software & Hi-Tech
Immersive Office Experience with Metaverse Virtual Office Development for the Tech Industry
In the digital era, it is better to have metaverse applications that provide innovative solutions to transform visual presence ...
Healthcare & Life Science
Analytics-Driven Data Transformation in Personal Care Industry Through Power BI Implementation
As an established sanitary pads manufacturer and distributor with a wide market reach, the client had to remain competitive in ...
Healthcare & Life Science
Business Process Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry Through Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation
With a wide market reach, the client's business had to remain agile to serve customers better while boosting profitability. However, ...
Retail & eCommerce
MS Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Cuts Manual Effort by 10% for a Rug Manufacturer
As a global rug manufacturer, the client faced mission-critical challenges, such as multifaceted supply chain operations, inefficient ...
Real Estate
The Fids - Real Estate Listing iOS App Development Maximized The Efficiency Of US Brokers
The client felt the need to improve the outcomes for its target audience - brokers - in the US. To do that, the client wanted ...
Retail & eCommerce
Sacha VIP - A Loyalty Program App Helped A Cosmetic Brand Maximize Its Sales
The brand managed by the client had already established a commanding presence in the cosmetics market. Since the brand has many ...
Media & Entertainment
Eponies: Data-Tracking App That Helped An American Equestrian Performance Sporting Business
The client already had a website that enjoyed massive patronage. However, now, the client wanted to enter the mobile app scene ...
Education & Learning
Debatr - AI Enabled Hybrid Mobile App to Get Pros and Cons Information of Any Debate Topic
To satisfy the interest of debaters, the client wanted to build an app that could run on iOS and Android platforms. They wanted ...
Healthcare & Life Science
Clinikio: Online Doctor Consultations & Appointments Mobile App
The client wanted to redefine its healthcare practice, including consultation. To that end, the client was looking for virtual ...
Media & Entertainment
Crowdit :Mobile App That Helped Sports Fans Share Their Favorite Moments And Reactions
The client wanted to build an app that could be fans of different games, such as baseball, basketball and soccer. The client also ...
Banking & Financial Services
Overcoming The Shortcomings Of Traditional Payments With Cashless Transactions
Client was looking for custom digital wallet development services aiming to provide cashless payment solutions for both business ...
Media & Entertainment
Online Dating App With Audio-Video Calling And Private Chatting
The app is an innovative chat-to-meet people dating platform that allows you to connect with the likeminded people who are looking ...
Media & Entertainment
Specialized application for enthusiasts to discuss sports and related updates
The client wanted to develop a platform exclusively for sports enthusiasts wherein they can discuss everything related to games ...
Mobile App Modernization That Re-Envisioned Customer Engagement For Energy Industry
The client had an enterprise-level payment application on iOS and Android that lacked a human-centric appeal. To keep pace with ...


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