A Global Airline Unlocks Data Visualization Capabilities With Power BI And SharePoint To Improve Reporting Outcomes And Drive Collaboration

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Client Overview
A leading aviation operator from the Cayman Islands required to merge its multiple data silos into a single source of truth (SSOT). With an annual revenue of USD $35.87 million, the airline operates flights on a variety of domestic and international destinations. Since 1968, the client has increased the size of its fleet and provided an exceptional flying experience, resulting in repeat customers. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we used Power BI and SharePoint to create a digital platform that enhances collaboration and data visualization.
Business Needs
Managing and integrating data from a variety of sources was the single biggest challenge for the airlines. Airlines was attempting data aggregation project for last 2 years, with hopes of achieving the single source of truth about their customer. With more than 15 enterprise data sources; a single, comprehensive and uniform view of the customer was a highly complex and an expensive undertaking for an in-house IT project. Airlines IT team tried data management initiatives but that lead to the creation of yet another data silo that required regular re-calibration over time, creating more disorganization than existed in the first place. Company leaders sought to transform to addressing data inaccessibility Under their previous technology stack, teams had to wait days to access data, and other business units had to weigh even much longer for even accessing data and insights to be presented.

The client was looking for player with a decade of experience in digital transformation to help them:

  • Analytics based Digital transformation. Eliminate siloed efforts and formulate one roadmap for data driven business decisions.
  • Identify potential opportunity areas using insights from the data analysis for revenue growth
  • Develop a platform to upsell, cross sell and target dormant passenger
Strategy & Solution
To realize its business need, the client teamed up with Flexsin's software development experts. The software development experts were engaged by the client for developing an automation tool for transforming unstructured and semi-structured data into meaningful formats. Keeping automation and digitization at the core of this engagement, the developers rolled out a dedicated SQL job scheduler that would help the client manage the stream of raw data. Once converted into a manageable format, the team pushed the relevant datasets from siloes into a centralized, secure, and robust SQL database.

Besides, the software developers built a dedicated reporting tool for enabling the client's data managers to draw strategic insights from managed data formats. Through the reporting tool, key data stakeholders of the client could receive proactive and predictive actionable insights into a flyer's behavior and flying patterns. Those insights became the foundation of key decisions taken by the client for growing its market share, reducing costs, and driving successful growth initiatives.

User Experience
For displaying data SQL server report services (SSRS) reports, the reporting tool needed to have a snappy and highly intuitive user interface (UI). For that purpose, the development team chose SharePoint 2010 for building the UI from scratch. The UI, once deployed, showed data for uncovering new growth opportunities. For that, the developers:

  • Built a visually compelling and easy-to-use UI for boosting the adoption rates among internal stakeholders
  • Enabled quicker access to key data reports without involving complexity
  • Improved the outcomes of all the endeavors for organizing passenger data

Our team at the backend worked alongside the client's personnel for consolidating the reporting work on SSRS. The team worked for extracting data-heavy files according to SQL schema and inserted them into SQL server database tables through an automated job scheduler. As its technology partner, Flexsin helped the client in:

  • Deploying an SQL server that improved data storage capabilities
  • Integrating SSRS report files into SharePoint through a robust middleware application
  • Consistently configuring the connection between SSRS report file and SharePoint

Development Process:
To begin with, the project was initiated with demanding deadlines. Flexsin's team made sure to adopt an agile development methodology for accelerating the execution cycles. From requirement understanding to testing the final product, the developers worked with a collaborative mindset with the client's business team. Some highlights of the project's development process are as follows.

  • Leveraging top-level digital automation tools and technologies for organizing project workflows
  • Making sure that every project milestone is met on time
  • Scaling the capacity of resources and technologies as per project needs
  • Accommodating last-time changes coming from the client during the project execution lifecycle

Business Outcomes
Since the client had passenger data in hand, it was able to strategize better and fine-tune its overall flying experience. By consolidating, storing, and managing aggregated passenger data, the client successfully connected data with decisions. Automating the transformation of unstructured datasets into insight-rich data points

  • Improving the quality of data management results and reducing the efforts of managing data by 40%
  • Data ingestion time was reduced by more than 70%
  • Data was now available within 30 minutes of receipt leading to streamlining the reporting processes and allied functions for improving the decision-making capacity
  • Business users were able to extract passenger's data within 2 hours instead of 2 days
Client's Speak
Flexsin's automation software solution has made our dormant, unmanaged data sets the biggest enterprise assets. The development team enabled us to harness the real power of AI and data for improving journeys. Other than that, the engagement helped us free up our human resources for cognitive projects.
Everton Stewart
Sr. Manager, Cayman Airways Ltd., Cayman Island
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