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Enabling global enterprises to unlock the power of digital for reimaging
business value that drives velocity.
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Flexsin Inc. - Digital transformation and consulting company delivering innovative solutions for SMBs and Enterprises with a proven track record in Product Development, Technology Consulting, and IT Outsourcing. Our Experience Design, Complex Engineering, and Agile Delivery give you the best software product for better business outcomes.

We have partnered with ISVs, SMBs, and Enterprises across the globe to build innovative, sustainable, and secured digital products to connect the dots between people, products, and opportunities. We automate to unlock the power of digital transformation for re-imagining the business values by deploying emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science within a predictable budget and time.
  • Mission Mission
    Deliver scalable digital products and software solutions to unlock the power of client-centric intelligent technology that reduces the time to market and reimagines cost takeout initiatives.
  • Vision Vision
    Harness the power of digital for connecting clients, stakeholders, and talent to transform business outcomes and create an ecosystem that prioritizes sustainable innovation and culture to thrive in digital disruption.
  • Value Value
    Create business excellence by staying committed to core values of generating enterprise value and imbibing the spirit of innovation, forward-thinking, dependability, and integrity with the accountability to drive digital transformation forward.
Facts At A Glance
Flexsin enables enterprises to energize their digital core and navigate the next more confidently and fast and build next-gen innovation capabilities.
  • 15+ Successful Years
  • 500+ Agile Enabled Resources
  • 2500+ Projects Delivered
  • 5+ Global Locations
  • 15+ Countries Covered
  • 10+ Technology Partnership
  • Processes CMMI Standards
  • DevOps We Deliver Value
  • Engagement Customer First
Our Journey
A history of innovation built on the legacy of leveraging the most emerging technologies that improve enterprise resilience and create the foundations for powering business growth now and beyond.
Our History
  • Founded in 2008
  • A Technology Consulting Company
  • Embracing Technology Disruption
- 2012
Product Engineering A Revolution In Product Lifecycles
  • 150+ Agile Enabled Resources
  • Awarded @ Google Premier Partner
  • Adapting Agile Methodology
  • Build & Launched 1st Development Center
- 2016
Expanding Horizons Building & Intensifying
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Launched Office - United States
  • DevOps Implementation
  • Technology Vertical Expertise
  • Top-Rated Company @ UpWork
- Present
Digital Transformation Demystifying Digital Now
  • 500+ Agile Enabled Resources
  • Launched Entity - UAE
  • Salesforce Partner
  • Blockchain & AI CoE
  • AWS Consulting Partner
  • Hyperledger & Multichain Alliance
Partners & Clients
Global digital alliances and technology partnerships have enabled Flexsin to co-create high-speed innovation and bring sustainable value to enterprises across the world.
  • Mircosoft Solutions Partner
  • Saleforce Partner
  • Hedera
  • AWS Parnter
  • Google Premier Partner
  • ISO
Our Approach
Researching technology frameworks that create new ecosystems for delivering client success first and enabling enterprises to move ahead of the digital curve.
  • Customer First Customer First
    Creating new digital possibilities with a client-first approach and high integrity, Flexsin empowers enterprises to measure their success and progress through unique future-proof technology solutions that drive value.
  • Technology Innovation Technology Innovation
    Embracing R&D-driven technology innovations, Flexsin helps enterprises turn vertical disruptions into business transformation and harnesses breakthrough digital solutions that swiftly improve business outcomes.
  • Processes Processes
    Delivering agile DevOps solutions that enable enterprises to become digital-first by re-engineering business processes, accelerating business transformation, and prioritizing transparency with clear communication.
  • People Team
    Building a collaborative work culture, Flexsin's team has the talent and innovators for helping enterprises uncover sustainable growth opportunities by harnessing the latest technologies and digital ecosystems.


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