Data-Tracking App That Helped An American Equestrian Performance Sporting Business Lift Its ROI By 20%

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Client Overview
Since 1997, has offered accurate computer-handicapper racing details online. The website managed by the client continues to rise as a leading innovator that is altering the course of the horse-racing business. The horse-betting information shared on the app helps handicappers win on the racetrack consistently. More bettors have trusted the mobile application made by the client, enabling them to bet on the go. With the launch of its app, the client has attracted more users who want to make qualified bets based on accurate information on horses.
Business Needs
The client already had a website that enjoyed massive patronage. However, now, the client wanted to enter the mobile app scene because the application marketplace was exploding. The client's decision to make a mobile app that would help anyone view race-betting states was conscious; this decision would propel the client's business toward unbridled growth. Nonetheless, the client lacked the expertise in building a mobile app that would help showcase real-time horse information accurately. Along with that, some other business needs that prompted the client to find an engagement partner are as follows.

  • Building an intuitive app that would show horse-race betting stats to users in real-time
  • Displaying a near-accurate cost of betting on a particular steed to help make decisions fast
  • Showcasing the cost of betting if the user decides to wager on different horses
  • Creating a mobile application built to deliver up-to-the-minute handicapper details at speed and with agility
  • Delivering a one-of-its-kind smooth mobile experience to bettors who have to make critical decisions involving money and fortune
Strategy & Solution
After shortlisting multiple engagement partners, the client zeroed in on our mobile app development team. Our mobile app developers have extensive experience in building multiple intuitive apps from the ground up. The client's business team, along with our developers, worked on fleshing out the scope of the project. Once the project's scope was analyzed, our team pitched React technology for developing the app.

From helping write custom components to its feature-packed user interface, ReactJS brought many benefits to the table. Likewise, as it was an information-heavy application, we required a robust CMS that would store the racehorse data and betting information. Here is a brief snapshot of the different tasks we did in the course of the engagement.

User Experience
Armed with extensive experience in using React Native, our UX developers chose this UI framework to create a native app for the client. Besides, using this framework meant saving time and cutting costs as the team did not have to maintain dedicated tech stacks and different development tracks. Here are some of the key highlights of the frontend work that we carried out for the client.

  • Built highly intuitive application screens that were aligned with the client's brand guidelines
  • Showed horse and betting details with a simple swipe and at speed
  • Ensured that the app's load time was low even when the platform received an influx of users

To manage the information related to horses and other betting data sets, our development team resorted to WordPress. Our team decided to go ahead with this CMS because it can be fully customized. Moreover, since we were dealing with reams of betting and horse data, we wanted a CMS that brought an array of templates, themes, and plugins. And WordPress fitted that bill perfectly. Here are some of the key highlights of the architecture that we built for the client.

  • Leveraged WordPress capabilities to store data related to horses and bets
  • Developed and deployed the backend logic that showed updated information on the mobile app
  • Integrated in-app advertising features with the help of Google AdMob API
  • Created a subscription model for helping app users access premium features

We used an agile approach to get the app from paper to the real world. Our agile work methodology has always been rooted in consumer insights. Backed by those insights, we have designed, developed, and fine-tuned different aspects of the mobile app. Based on the feedback we have received from the client, we have improved the app's functionality. Here are some of the steps that made up our development process.

  • Wireframing the project
  • Designing the app's UX
  • Developing the backend of the project
  • Testing the app functionality against different parameters
  • Publishing the app on leading app marketplaces
Business Outcomes
As the app was published, the client informed its customers and even prospects about the new update. That way, the client saw the regular website visitors downloading the app and using it to view betting details and horse information on the go. Moreover, the use of analytics in the app helped its users improve their chance to win better, faster, and more consistently. Here are some of the benefits that the client reaped once the app went live.

  • Accelerated the pace of tracking horse data and betting information by 30%
  • Improved the business ROI by 20% with the launch of the app
  • Attracted 35% of the prospects to download the app within the first quarter of the launch
  • Enabled the client's business to go online at an incredible speed and cost-effectively
Client's Speak
I would like to take this time to say thank Flexsin for supporting my small business over the past year. I could not be happier with Flexsin. Despite being a small business, Flexsin gave me a dedicated team that has worked so well. Really satisfied!
Liam Durbin
Westerville, Ohio, United States
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