Built A Geolocation-Based iOS App That Helped Forge Newer And More Powerful Connections

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Client Overview
This is a simple surf app, designed and developed to help surf enthusiasts find a surf date, friend, a coach or lesson and a surf photographer. The app is designed intuitively so it responds to user's senses. Although, we take pride in our comprehensively skilled custom application development team, yet whatever challenges it came across throughout the development phase, such as simple and intuitive UI, our team achieved success by minimiziong the response time as it optimized the source code and images of the whole app.
Business Needs
Client approached us design an app that could help surfing enthusiasts to find a fellow surfer, a friend, coach and photographer just in a matter of a few taps on their mobile display.

Our team was instructed to keep the UI simple, yet highly intuitive so that the app could respond to user's senses and make the search process easier and effective all the way.

  • An app that could find a surf enthusiast a friend, or a coach, date and a photographer
  • A platform where a surf coach or a photographer can meet their potential clients and offer their services just by booking over mere an App
  • Just like every other app, our developers were asked to make it easily navigable, fast to load and smooth to operate
  • Safety and security of user data was one of essential requirements
Strategy & Solution
Our developers were put to work with the latest technology available on market for the development of the app client asked us of. Other than ensuring intuitive design and streamlined workflow, here's what else Flexsin ensured of the app:

Simplicity in design, compliance with all sorts of regulations standards, applied data science, cross-platform coverage and high performance.

Front-end The app was deployed only when it was tested fit, performing and crash-proof. Our developers worked with advanced and suitable technologies to ensure the app fit client's audience. Here are the front end features of the App:

  • Create a detailed and informative profile
  • As soon as a user is registered, list of nearby surfers is added to your in-app contact, which further enables the user to initiate chatting with them
  • Choose to Turn On and Turn Off your requirements from an easy and clear list of in-app services
  • Get in touch with whoever you require out of surf buddie, surf date, surf photographer and surf lesson

Backend Our developers ensured the app runs smooth and never crashes down. To make sure all the asked features and functionalities run effective and accordingly, here are what technologies our developers relied on:

  • C++ - As it features versatile tool and effective compiler base.
  • JavaScript - As it helps with open source libraries in order to manager developers' choices for the development of the app
  • HTML5, it is the most preferable as it has recently updated its features

Development Process As our team aimed to make the development of the app effective and worth of each effort, our developers made sure we proceed through groundbreaking yet seemly development process.

Contrasting to the popular and standard development process, our team commenced with pre-planning and risk-analysis. The followings are the development stages we chose to keep on through:

  • Research, research and research - Research of the client's target market and competitors
  • Wireframing - Wireframing may sound an easy game, but it takes a lot of one's research-oriented mind
  • Evaluation of technical feasibility
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Deployment
Business Outcomes
Developing this surf and lifestyle app for the surfing enthusiasts was one of the challenging projects to us it needed latest technology support and was meant for wide section of audience.

The followings are the metrics why we still take pride in our effort and outcome:

  • Faster download
  • Smooth and quick installation
  • One-tap uninstallation
  • Crash-proof
Client's Speak
Flexsin and his team delivered great work on the mobile app development project and I enjoyed working with them.
Erin Edwards
Bropros Inc., US
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