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Flexsin Collaborates with Hedera as a System Integrator to Drive Enterprise Innovation in DLT Applications Landscape

Nov 24,2021
Uttar Pradesh, India - November 24, 2021: Flexsin, a global enterprise blockchain development company, is now a Hedera system integrator. Hedera is an enterprise-class distributed ledger platform that accelerates the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to foster decentralized, fair, and effective governance models.

Flexsin brings in-depth consulting and implementation expertise in integrating Hedera's DLT into business value chains. This integration, in turn, advances the growth of enterprise clients and enables them to unlock value for customers.

As a digital leader and now a Hedera system integrator, Flexsin leverages the platform's tools to design, develop and deploy end-to-end DLT applications at a large scale. A leader in distributed ledger technology, Flexsin has utilized Hedera's DLT platform for clients belonging to healthcare, banking, manufacturing, logistics, and shipping. These solutions have helped clients modernize their business processes. Armed with detailed Hedera know-how, Flexsin has transformed business processes to become more traceable and transparent.

Flexsin's suite of solutions built on public-permissioned Hedera Hashgraph has empowered businesses worldwide to unlock high levels of speed, scalability, and efficiency. Flexsin is currently in the process of completing an SSI project built on Hedera in partnership with EarthID. Flexsin's Hedera consulting experience will help the client simplify the arduous processes of creating, issuing, and canceling credentials anytime. Because of its high traceability, Hedera is used to minimize looming identity- and data-theft crises that are commonplace in legal and administrative landscapes.

The collaboration between Flexsin and Hedera signals the maturation of two verticals - Consulting and DLT. Before conferring the system integrator partnership, Hedera noted Flexsin's blockchain development capabilities in distributed ledger technology. Renowned as a revolutionary digital leader, Flexsin has enabled clients to harness Hedera's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public ecosystem for building cutting-edge applications.

Hedera's unique Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABFT) algorithm facilitates Flexsin to build solutions that can perform more than 10,000 transactions every second. Thanks to that, the hashgraph-powered ecosystems have helped businesses reduce their transaction fees and accelerate the pace of transaction confirmations. Most ventures that wish to implement scalable DLT solutions to get the digital-first advantage are approaching Flexsin because of its extensive Hedera experience.

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About Flexsin:

A global leader in encouraging DLT and crypto innovation, Flexsin is committed to harnessing the advances of blockchain/hashgraph technology, analytics, cloud, big data, and hyper-automation. A company with an international foothold and impeccable track record, Flexsin is helping enterprises and SMEs around the world leverage the power of the always-on Hedera ecosystem.

About Hedera:

A leading public-permissioned distributed ledger, Hedera Hashgraph has been used by businesses worldwide to run Decentralized Applications (DApps). Developers prefer the hashgraph-powered ecosystem over others for building secure, fast, and robust DApps. The founders and chief scientists of Hedera have patented innovative Hedera Hashgraph technology after they had worked together at the US Air Force Academy.
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