A Multilingual Social Network On CakePHP Improved Collaboration Outcomes For Its Global Users

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Client Overview
Driving collaboration among people belonging to different social groups, the client manages a robust multilingual online platform. The client is part of an ever-growing social networking segment that is expected to reach up to a whopping US$60.29 billion by 2026. The client teamed up with our developers, who used CakePHP to build a solid multilingual social networking platform. Once the platform was deployed, the client helped its users find, create, and share information according to their preferences faster and innovatively.
Business Needs
To accelerate its business growth and enable more people to connect with each other, the client wanted to design, develop, and maintain a multilingual social network online. The client had an idea of bringing this platform to the masses in a way that makes it easy to navigate and fast to embrace. The business needs of the engagement could be summarized in the following points.

  • Building an intuitive and feature-rich user interface for a social platform
  • Coming up with an end-to-end responsive web platform
  • Enabling the end-user to develop a service account
  • Empowering the end-user to add service-related details
  • Integrating a transparent and robust referral mechanism feature
Strategy & Solution
To bring its idea of a multilingual web platform to life, the client teamed up with Flexsin's web developers. Flexsin's development team and the client's business team brainstormed on figuring out the foundational programming framework on which the platform was to be built. Once the framework of PHP and MySQL was finalized, the development lifecycle kick-started. Using its PHP web development and MySQL capabilities, the platform was built in a way that the users could easily and quickly create their account, add their services, and share the relevant information with zero downtime.

To successfully roll out all the platform functionalities in a phased way, the development team designed, created, and deployed a range of modules across the production and testing cycles. In addition to its development team, Flexsin even harnessed its UI and UX capabilities to come up with a blazingly fast and interactive multilingual platform.

Front-end Leveraging the expertise of Flexsin's GUI design team, the client was able to build an intuitive graphical UX interface. The GUI team had a vision of empowering the website's usability with a fast-to-move-around UI that included no friction points, which eventually led to lead leakages, lower engagement, and little to no returns.

  • Allowing users to create service accounts fast
  • Enabling users to add services and information
  • Empowering the end-user to create a public group
  • Deploying social groups to streamline how users interact with one another


As the web portal was meant to be responsive from end to end, the backend development team had to carry out multi-stage changes in HTML/CSS in every section. With a well-defined implementation roadmap and multiple online strategies in place, the team developed a robust, scalable, and flexible multilingual online platform.

  • Building a solid connection between the web portal and database
  • Integrating a full-fledged referral mechanism
  • Deploying a fully secure payment gateway

Development Process

Embracing an agile development methodology, Flexsin was ready to accommodate any changed requirement as the web solution evolved and the engagement matured. Flexsin made sure to accelerate the development speed and web solution’s time-to-market by working collaboratively with cross-functional teams. By harnessing the principles of open source web development, we developed and deployed a foolproof and scalable multilingual web platform. The high points of the development process are listed below.

  • Analyzing the client’s objectives to build a crystal-clear deployment roadmap
  • Building end-to-end system architectures and customizing database to streamline execution and strengthen data security
  • Capitalizing on the information gathered during the requirement-analysis phase
  • Putting together a full-fledged plan for developing an enterprise-grade social web portal and integrating CMS and third-party APIs
  • Developing prototype designs for the portal until the best one was finalized
  • Completing the functionality of scripts and other forms and thoroughly testing for any last-minute issues
Business Outcomes
As the engagement drew to a close, the client got a highly intuitive and robust social networking ecosystem that was user-friendly. Seeing the excellent work ethics of Flexsin, the client rehired PHP developers to support and maintain the platform and make it future-proof in terms of user experience. Some of the highlights of the engagement are mentioned below.

  • Deploying a fully operational administrative panel to get a bird's-eye view of the social network
  • Building the necessary admin-manageable modules that took the administrative cost down by 40 percent
  • Integrating the support of multiple languages to enhance the user experience
  • Optimizing the whole website to introduce incredibly fast load times
Client's Speak
Flexsin's web development team did stick to the deadlines, no matter how much aggressive they were. Other than that, the team has in-depth knowledge on website building, deployment, and maintenance. So, in a way, Flexsin is the go-to team for all things web development.
Cevrem Campbell
London, UK
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