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Specialized application for enthusiasts to discuss sports and related updates

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Our client provides a sports social networking application wherein sports and games enthusiasts can connect with each-other to discuss all sorts of sporting events related to soccer, football, badminton, swimming, gymnastic, archery, hockey and other games. It provides a discussion forum wherein specific sports and sporting events around the world can be discussed. The application combines the features of social networking technology to allow the users upload images, chat and have engaging discussion on sports they like. It's an exclusive platform for sports enthusiasts to stay updated and tuned to the latest games and tournaments all over the world.
  • Time Duration 05 Months
  • Team Effort 03 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted to develop a platform exclusively for sports enthusiasts wherein they can discuss everything related to games and sports all over the world, including Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and local tournaments. They wanted the platform to meet all the needs of the sports lovers who can discuss sports of their choice on the platform and also chat about them. The client wanted the mobile app to be on top of the sports lover's mind wherein they can mingle with likeminded individuals to discuss all things related to sports.

The client had below specific needs for us to work on:

  • Facility to chat and upload images
  • Groups of followers with specific preferences
  • Social networking facility for games enthusiasts
  • Increase in brand awareness among the target audience
  • Increase in user subscription base
  • Increase in business bottom line
Strategy & Solution
Our developers worked on the application with an aim to expand the client's business. A strategy was developed keeping in mind the client's objective for the development of the application. Our developers discussed all the aspects of the application with the client, and we enticed specific inputs from the client on its various aspects related to user interface, content and chatting features.

The strategy was worked out in consultation with the client;s in-house team. We developed a milestone-based blueprint for the success of the platform with proven marketing strategy. We discussed the solutions and technology stack that could best fit the client's application, and worked in that direction for better client outcomes.

Front-end The app was designed wherein people can form groups, communicate, upload images and do much more in real-time. The platform facilitates for healthy discussions on sporting events around the world. The app just looks and functions like Twitter and Instagram wherein users can post their comments and also upload images. A wide range of user-friendly features were integrated in the app to keep the users engaged and updated of sports events in their region and elsewhere in the world. Key features of the front-end included the below ones:

  • iOS: Swift 4, Socket Client
  • Searching, processing, sorting and storing a variety of information on sports
  • Visibility of the most active actions in the world of sports and related social networks
  • Social networking for sports with media sharing

Backend Complex system of logic was managed to make the backend work flawlessly. The business logic needed to be followed and results calculated for the flawless execution. APIs were written and libraries created as per needs. Our developers even worked on the components that even do not have scientific programming. Codes were written to make the buttons work and fetch appropriate data for the users. Architecture of the system was organized, and the logic and frameworks were built for easier integration of its various functionalities.

  • PHP, MySQL and Apache
  • Seamless channel and category management
  • Robust and scalable database management system
  • Multiple integrations for seamless user experience

Development Process The functional features of the app were elaborated with the client along with design specifications and prototyping. We diligently followed the guidelines of the social media app's working on Android and iOS. The sporting community networking app was given the capability for automatic image optimization for seamless rendering across various screen sizes. The app development was undertaken using the best industry practices to ensure that the development adheres to the standard norms.

  • DB schemas to deploy changes to all environments
  • Uptime check for faster page upload
  • Node performance monitoring
  • CDN for CSS and JS

User acceptance testing (UAT) approach was undertaken to test the environment and get approval from the client before it went live. The app was tested, debugged and tested again before finally publishing it on Google Play.

Client's Feedback

Flexsin team exceeded our expectations. Initially, we were a bit sceptical but they proved their me..
Fuand Jackson
Business Outcomes
We worked dedicatedly on this client project pulling together the best talent from various specialities including development, frontend and backend, and marketing. Client was kept in loop of all the development work and marketing strategy to ensure that they get the functions and features in the app that could help them excel and thrive in this niche market segment. With our focused efforts, the client was able to get the below successful outcomes for their mobile application dedicated to sporting events discussions.

  • Increase in user base by 35%
  • Increase in website traffic by 43%
  • Increase in stickiness and user engagement
  • Elegant user interface with latest UI and UX design principles
  • Monetization strategy by augmenting various sales and revenue generation channels

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