CSR Initiatives

Our responsibility lies in using our resources - infrastructure, personnel, and key capabilities - to create tangible impacts. Our CSR mirrors our commitment to building inclusive communities where everyone thrives.
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Our CSR is powered by initiatives to support organizations, causes, and groups that strengthen the community, society, and environment.
Our diverse range of CSR activities aims to create a meaningful and positive impact. As a socially responsible company, we give back to the society, communities, and people through different endeavors. We partner with NGOs and volunteer in different activities to build an inclusive society. Our various social engagements and collaborations help improve the lives of the underprivileged, create a greener and better environment, and showcase ethical business behavior. We are committed to the sustainability of people, communities, societies, and the global ecosystem.
CSR Initiatives

Social Impact

From building and empowering communities to safeguarding environments and volunteering for a cause, we ensure our environment, people, and customers, communities create a meaningful legacy.
  • Strengthening Communities

    Strengthening Communities

    Undertake new endeavors to build better communities that are ready to drive change for the better.
  • Protecting Environment

    Protecting Environment

    Embark on eventful journeys that help us safeguard our environment for future generations.
  • Volunteering In Events

    Volunteering In Events

    Be part of events that help us advance our responsibility toward people, communities, and our planet.

CSR Activities

Our initiatives have helped us discharge our corporate social responsibilities more effectively. We are committed to adding newer initiatives to support our communities, people, customers, and the environment.
  • PM Cares Fund
    PM Cares Fund
    We donated to the PM Cares Fund to assist citizens with the Kedarnath and Kerala flood tragedies and also contributed to the COVID-19 relief fund. Our monetary assistance has helped populations nationwide restore their lives and improve their situations. Our donation swiftly reaches people nationwide to accelerate their recovery and improve their lives affected by natural disasters and the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Child Education
    Child Education
    We support poor children's education, helping them strengthen and safeguard their future. We have taken important measures to support underprivileged children and believe that education can help them build a safer and brighter future for themselves. Our diverse initiatives help them gain access to quality education and learning resources.
  • Animal Welfare
    Animal Welfare
    We are committed to protecting animals and, thus, have donated to multiple cow rehabilitation and welfare centers. Our associations with animal welfare NGOs have given stray animals a haven. We offer monetary assistance to animal recovery centers to ensure they get proper medical attention, care, and nutrition.
  • Eco-Friendly
    We have successfully carried out tree plantation drives occasionally to sustain our environment and make it greener. Our tree-plantation activities have created a healthier, greener environment. Through these activities, we take a step toward protecting the planet and creating a natural balance for the future.
  • Recycling
    We ensure that every piece of obsolete technology is recycled, reducing carbon emissions and work inefficiency. Technology recycling helps us reduce energy consumption. Recycling outdated electronic devices and equipment helps conserve valuable resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

Joyfully fulfilling our social responsibilities to create an equitable and sustainable environment where everyone can thrive and improve their lives


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