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Geo-Location Based Club and Performer Management- iOS and Android App

Expertise: Location / GPS Tracking App Appointment / Booking App
Verticals: Media & Entertainment
Technologies: Mysql Xcode Android Studio Objective C iOS Android
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TIP-HER is a user-friendly app that enables users connected to their favorite performance straightway or the bartender and find gentlemen's club worldwide. This is a complete social network app enabling performers, club guests, nightclubs and bartender to create individual profiles and interact with each other in real time. There is a monthly subscript option, users with subscription will receive real-time notification from performers and clubs on their mobile phones and also enjoy an exclusive access to performers and clubs.
  • Time Duration 12 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
Client approached us to develop an App that helps users to connect to their favourite performer, bartender and gentlemen's club right in their fingertips. The party animals have their own way to enjoy life -

Then why not help them be smarter and easier in their efforts. Our Mobile App Development team was asked of putting up a hardwork to attain the appointment module for bartenders or club performers as MVP.

  • To create an easily navigable app for bartenders, gentlemen's club and club performers
  • The app must enable bartenders, club performers and gentlemen's clubs to find each and interact in their tips
  • The app had to be developed and deployed ensuring 100% safety and security of user's personal data
  • And, integration of GPS tracking was also one of the asked features
Strategy & Solution
Our developers were put to work on the latest platforms, with the most advanced development architecture. Along with 100% interactions safety, we also ensure one user never loses communication with his or her favourite performer.

The app was developed with further assurances such as real-time alerts from the performers and clubs, plus in-app voice calls and chatting facilities at the fingertips.

Front-end TIP HER offers a simple way to connect with your favorite club performers, gentlemen's club and bartenders. The app has undergone a thorough expert work to ensure quick and irritation-free account creation, accurate and precise Map Viewing feature, setting consists of privacy and security settings at the fingertips of users, proper and advanced age verification process for the performers, and easy and effective browsing feature.

  • iOS: Written in Objective-C
  • Android: XML is used for UI layout
  • Android Studio: Accurate programming and better indexing
  • HTML5: For better user-experience
  • Objective-C: Gives improved readability and is a safer platform

Backend For business logic, calculations, performance and database interactions, our team relied on the following backend technologies:

  • MySQL: Platform independent and object-oriented
  • Xcode: 100% free IDE, incorporable with all the tools required
  • Debugging and testing

Development Process In order to make the development of the app worthy and effective, our developers made sure we proceed through innovative yet suitable development process.

Unlike the popular and standard development process, our team initiated with pre-planning and risk-analysis. The followings are the development phases we chose to proceed through:

  • Research, research and research - Research of the client's target market and competitors
  • Wireframing - Wireframing may sound an easy game, but it takes a lot of one's research-oriented mind
  • Evaluation of technical feasibility
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Deployment

Client's Feedback

I have been satisfied with the work done by this team. They showed an incredible amount of flexibili..
United States
Business Outcomes
Success of an app is assured when it runs smooth and never crashed down even after years since the launch. TIP HER was chosen to be different with its features and functionalities, so are its success metrics.

The followings are the metrics why we still take pride in our effort and outcome:

  • Faster download
  • Smooth and quick installation
  • One-tap uninstallation
  • Crash-proof
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