Created An Intuitive AI-Powered Online Dating App That Lifted Business ROI by 37% In Six Months

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Client Overview
Our client is into the business of online dating and lifestyle wherein they help people to interact with likeminded individuals from all over the world. Through their app, the client provides a platform to the people to date and mingle with the likeminded people and enjoy no strings attached relationships with females, males and LGBTQ members. The app facilitates audio and video calling with the real people on the other side and private conversation with them along with meeting in person. The platform is designed to connect the people with similar interests to meet, connect and take forward their no strings attached relationship.
Business Needs
The app is an innovative chat-to-meet people dating platform that allows you to connect with the likeminded people who are looking for the same things in life as you. One can meet the local dates physically in their chosen area or from anywhere else in the world through audio and video calls. The client wanted to provide a platform to the users wherein they can seamlessly connect with other users with verified profiles.

The client wanted the app to support the following features in the app:

  • Photo and video sharing
  • Audio and video calling
  • In-chat translation feature (English to Spanish)
  • Live maps of available potential dates
  • GPS based location sharing and notifications
  • Availability slider and user response calculator
  • Monetization strategy through paid subscriptions and sponsored profiles
  • User metrics that measure desirability, involvement and choosiness for matchmaking
Strategy & Solution
The app was developed with rich dating features. The application was designed to effectively coordinate with the users maintaining their need for privacy, anonymity and security. Our developers worked to transform the client's ideas into algorithms for matchmaking based on the user preferences, interests and behaviors.

Our developers ensured that the users get their hands on a fantastic app which can be sued on mobile phones and laptops, tablets and other devices. The application was provided with feature adaptability functions to meet the evolving needs of the app users as per its growing popularity in the future.

Front-end The data was seamlessly organized for accessing from the backend server into the mobile application for seamless rendering. Users are provided a small time window within which they can correct their mistakes, like right swiping to signal liking while they actually wanted to swipe left to reject a match. The app features calendar for the users to plan a date, time and meeting place for in-person interaction. It was provided with an algorithm that fuels stickiness and encourages the users to stay on it for longer.

Other key features of the frontend include:

  • iOS: Swift 4, Core Data, InApp Purchase, Twilio, Socket Client
  • Android: Kotlin, Google Pay, Twilio, Socket,
  • Proximity limit and search with filters
  • Payment gateway and administrative features
  • One-on-one private messaging
  • Abuse reporting
  • Facebook/Google sign in
  • User settings and profile

Backend Secure and powerful servers were set up that can handle databases with tons of personal information. Cryptography tools and encryption protocols were used in the backend development for added security. All development lifecycle plan was well documented that included technology, platform, timeline and other crucial information of the project development. A UX formula was adopted that made right swipe for Likes and left swipe for Dislikes as easy as playing a slot machine.

  • PHP, Node JS, Mongo DB, MySQL, Apache, Socket
  • Big data based approach to behavior-based matchmaking
  • Admin panel to manage the mobile application
  • Accept and close support tickets, analytics and disputes resolution
  • Central authorization for the entire API for delivering maximum security

Development Process Competitive and market research was conducted to understand the success potential of the app. Ideas were validated with the target audience through discussion on niche forums. Our developers worked out with the client to understand the math of love to create this dating app. A prototype of the app was showed to the client before the actual launch for them to assess the development and business requirements. The project was developed in 5 phases.

  • Matchmaking algorithm and monetization strategy
  • Right technology stack to make the app scalable, reliable and secure
  • Use of MVP app to minimize the risk and get the right direction from the start
  • Matchmaking algorithm with artificial intelligence for dating

Flexsin QA team worked in parallel with the developers to ensure that all the modules of the app were working properly. The app was tested for flawless performance before launch. Post-launch support was also provided to the client.

Business Outcomes
From our experience of developing matchmaking apps, we know that the application should be able to do good matches else the people will use the platform less and less. A strong and secure verification system was put in place with social media verification to ensure that the person is what they say they are. The app was designed in sync with the matching objective of the client and provided with features that encourage user engagement and enhance their experience.

The client had the below successful outcomes from their project:

  • Artificial intelligence and push notifications
  • Administrative features for improved performance
  • Simple, easy and user elegant user interface
  • Rise in membership by 57% within six months
  • Increase in ROI by 37% within six months
  • Increase in website traffic by 61%
  • User security and privacy to maintain anonymity
  • Digital gifts to purchase and send to please the dates
Client's Speak
I would without fear of contradiction wholly recommend Flexsin and their entire team for your upcoming app project. My company and its respective teams have been working over the last three years with Flexsin on a number of apps and we have found the team to be professional, courteous, honest and above all, Competent!

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