A Real-Time Stallion Booking System Powered By Microsoft Lifted The ROI For Stud Owners And Broodmare Managers In The US

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Client Overview
A US-based client wanted to create a web portal where stallion managers could list their studs; moreover, the platform would also help broodmare managers view horse listings to find out the available stud for breeding. The client's web portal is helping stallion owners and broodmare managers maximize the revenues from their studs and mares. As a technology partner, we helped the client build its real-time stallion booking system using C#, ASP.NET, and other key Microsoft technologies. Once deployed, the platform helped broodmare managers set alerts for specific studs and enabled stallion managers to augment the convention sales season of their studs.
Business Needs
Our client wanted an application that can act as a clearinghouse for services provided to a small community of niche users in a defined geographic area. Horses are living creatures subject to natural cycles, injuries and all sorts of other problems that can require a quick change of plans. The client wanted to provide services to stallion managers and broodmare managers to find a compatible stallion that has an opening in his schedule in the next 24 to 48 hours so that they could make the best of breeding season. The client wanted the application to fulfil their below business needs:

  • Venue for stud farms
  • Enrolment of stallions
  • Set alert for stallion
  • Stallions for local breeders
  • See stallion listings
  • Purchase available sessions
Strategy & Solution
We worked on a that could help Stallion Managers and Broodmare Managers in Kentucky to easily manage their stallion breeding needs. Stallion Managers could list their stallions with fixed pricing or as a Dutch auction to encourage the buyers to act more quickly.

We deployed dedicated team to provide timely reporting to the client by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, a business analyst and a testing engineer.

Front-end The application needed to be used by the Stallion Managers and Broodmare Managers to offer them Kentucky's real-time stallion solutions. The platform needed to advertise stallions with a little slack in their schedules and local breeders an efficient way to get their mares serviced in a timely manner when plans change unexpectedly.

Our front-end featured the following for Stallion Managers and Broodmare Managers:

  • Listing of stallion for available session
  • Notification of available session purchase
  • Alert for stallion breeding
  • Bonuses for broodmare managers

Backend Since it was a project that catered to a specific niche market segment, we needed a lot of input from the client. Our developers were in constant touch with the client and worked on a robust platform at the backend to ensure flawless functionalities and services for stallion managers and broodmare managers. Industries' best practices and latest technological tools and programming expertise was used for the development of backend. Our backend solutions included:

  • Robust and scalable API
  • Performance and load testing
  • Web service technologies
  • Framework of server side programming

Development process We carried out a requirement analysis for the client about who will be using the application and how. Thereafter, we worked on a design prepared from the requirement specifications. This helped us in knowing about system requirements and defining overall system architecture. The system design specifications served as input as the next phase for application development.

We developed a dynamic and robust application which assured users to provide better solutions in terms of the below:

  • Requirement gathering and analysis for validity
  • System and application design preparation
  • Division in modules and code production
  • Testing of codes against requirement

The development was done in a phased manner and the next phase was moved when the previous phase was completed as per requirement specifications.

Business Outcomes
What if your broodmare is ready to breed, but the stallion she was supposed to go to is injured and out of commission for a week? Or has died? What if a broodmare comes off the racetrack in the middle of the breeding season unexpectedly and needs to be bred quickly? It costs about $10,000 to $15,000 a year to keep a broodmare in Kentucky. So one is going to need to find another stallion fast. Broodmare managers faced with this problem are sent scrambling, making frantic phone calls

To solve all such issues faced by the Stallion Managers and Broodmare Managers, Flexsin developed the platform to overcome such concerns from where Stallion Manager can enrol stallions, list available stallion sessions for auction and approve purchases, and Broodmare Manager can book for the sessions based on their availability. We finally achieved the below objectives for our client:

  • Setting of complete stallion roster at the beginning of the breeding season
  • Searching of listing by stallion, farm, price and date
  • Implementation of Dutch auction calculation in transparent way
  • Calculation of the live auction price for each session available for broodmares
  • Notification by text/mails to broodmare managers when the auction is live
  • Review of burgomaster's information for approval or denial of a session
Client's Speak
Quality product delivered.
Kyle Kehner
Founder - PickUpMount.com, Lexington, KY, USA
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