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Farmer Palmer's is an award winning, family run, attraction just outside Poole, Dorset. It offers free parking, easy access and a great value for family day out. The attractions are designed specifically for kids under 8 and guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained throughout your stay. It has a mix of indoor and outdoor play giving all the benefits of fresh air and exercise. Booked for birthday parties, Group visits for pre-schools etc.
  • Time Duration 05 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
Farmer Palmer's come to us for website development that help in expanding their business to a larger extend. They want attractive and impressive website design to attract the small kids as well as their parents to plan enjoyable and exciting day out. The website needs to display all the services with easy event and booking management system. The prime requirements of a project includes:-

  • Development of user-friendly website
  • Provide easy booking system
  • Interactive map management
  • Display all the activities, event, etc.
  • Secure signup and payment system
We recommended best solutions to accomplish our client needs. Our developers designed the website with best possible options of WordPress with the support of easy and manageable blackened system. We pay special attention on its user-interface to make it look more impressive and grab attraction of small kids. We ensure that users can easily sign up on and explore different attractions, eating and drinking options as well as easily book them within few clicks.

We offered thoughtful domain expertise and complete development cycle services to meet prime requirements of the project. Before start with the project, we worked on different technologies to make responsive website compatible with all modern browsers. After all, it's a kid's focused website that needs to be designed with advanced effects of theme.

Front-end For designing phase, our team gathered all the information and considers various points to make the site look attractive and unique. They combined perfect blend of color combination and graphics to make it appearance more kid's friendly as well as easy to use. Our goal was to achieve clients need by developing high performance, impressive and responsive website. The front-end features includes:-

  • Light website for fast load time
  • Retina Display
  • Effective Navigation
  • Well planned information Architecture
  • Browser consistency
  • 100 % responsive theme
  • Interactive map management to display locations of the ground
  • Implementation of complex parallax effect into the theme.

Backend Our backend team created and maintained the complete backend functionalities of the website. They worked on making values in drop down menu by building an infrastructure that pull the values from database. With the use of advanced database programing and frameworks we had created a robust backend structure for the website.

  • Provide easy CMS for all the sections available on the website.
  • SQL is used to interact with database
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft EDGE, IE11
  • Easy CMS for all sections available on the website

Development Process Our development team was worked on systematic process while following the specific frameworks, methodologies, modeling tools and language. We worked according to software development life-cycle and follow certain set of standards to complete the project within respected timelines with complete quality control.

  • PHP is used due to its scalability, easy deployment and simplified coding
  • Focused on creating dynamic website
  • Worked on complete requirement specifications
  • Make it compatible with all browsers
  • Enable easy and convenient booking system

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Guys recommended to anyone!!!!..
Dougal Mathew
Owner: Farmerpalmers, UK
Despite of all the complexity, Flexsin team has successfully delivered the project with all functionality features asked by our client. We are glad that client appreciated us for our quality work and efficiently using the website for expanding their business. The website proved users as well as client in many ways:-

  • By offering easy and hassle booking system
  • Allow to explore map and play out a day fun
  • Enable to book for birthday parties
  • Expand the client reach to wider audiences
  • Provide relevant information regarding time, price, attractions, etc.
  • Offer safe and secure payment solution
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