Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Improves Customer Engagement For A US-Based Military Business Center

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Client Overview
North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) - a business development and technology transition entity in the US - wanted to improve how federal and military growth opportunities were distributed among its partners. Winning contracts worth USD $17.22 billion, the client has helped in strengthening the economy and maximizing employment opportunities for North Carolina. As a Salesforce Silver Partner, we used Sales Cloud capabilities - Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Partner Management, etc. - to build a digital platform that increased the opportunity conversions.
Business Needs
To handle opportunity management and distribution among partners, the client used ACT!, Excel, and e-mail clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird. The process to manage opportunities along with matching and distributing them was slow and time-consuming. The service providers, which were also client partners had NAICS codes that represented different industry verticals. Below are some key business needs that the client had in mind before the start of the engagement.

  • Building processes to match government opportunities among partner organizations
  • Accelerating the pace of aligning federal and military growth opportunities with partners
  • Ensuring a fair process of matching opportunities among partner organizations
  • Developing a robust system to handle the influx of partners at scale and speed
Strategy & Solution
To digitize its opportunity management system from end to end, the client was looking for a trusted digital partner. Their search led to our team. Having deep expertise in helping enterprises and SMEs accelerate the pace of digital transformation, we were apt to help the client digitize their processes to distribute opportunities at scale. After a few weeks of brainstorming with the client's business team, we zeroed in on Salesforce Sales Cloud to help the client embark on its digital journey.

Our team of front-end developers made sure to enable Salesforce Lightning features that made the system's interface intuitive. To ensure that the admin had complete visibility of the partner ecosystems and the existing opportunities, we enabled multiple custom dashboards and reports. Here are some highlights of the system's front-end.

  • Built a custom field in Opportunity Object similar to a MachForm field
  • Wrote a function to input value in the form and then mapped it with the Opportunity Object field
  • Deployed dynamic e-mail templates for sending and receiving e-mails
  • Integrated Pardot to automate the flow of daily lead notifications and other business news and updates sent to business partners

We started by setting up standard objects in the client's Salesforce org, including Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunity, with custom and standard fields. We also had set up validation rules on each field and even tailored page layouts and calculative fields. We even set up relationships between custom and standard objects at the backend. A major part of the project's backend was managing the partner's NAICS code. That is why our developers created a NAICS code functionality.

  • Built dedicated processes for accessing, viewing, and securing data
  • Seamlessly migrated data from legacy ACT! CRM at speed
  • Created parent-child relations based on the business sector and ability to select multiple NAICSs for receiving opportunities and contacts
  • NAICS code matching feature into the system to create reports in the desired format

Development Process
As multiple stakeholders were engaged, we ensured that each one of them managed only one aspect of the project. We deployed different resources to not only streamline but also speed up project delivery. These resources included personnel for project management, release management, quality analyses, and software development. Here are some key highlights of the project's development process.

  • Pre-defined stakeholder participation so that every project phase was finished seamlessly
  • Developed sprints as per the pre-defined implementation roadmap
  • Analyzed the existing implementation processes and fine-tuned them further
  • Ensured regular user training programs were carried once the project was deployed

Business Outcomes
Once the project was deployed, a visible area of improvement was in automation that was powered by Pardot. Earlier, the client used the manual data entry system that was an integral part of the opportunity process. No doubt, the manual data entry system was time-consuming but with the all-new system deployed managing data manually became a thing of the past. With the ability to manage their opportunities more efficiently through the portal, the client saw a jump in opportunity conversions, too. Moreover, the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud ushered in an era of digitization for the client. It enabled a massive boost to workforce efficiency which was one solid outcome of embracing end-to-end digitization. The implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud helped the client's customer servicing team gain actionable insights into partner performance, opportunity conversion, and customer satisfaction. Last but not the least, our expertise and work ethics helped us secure an ongoing development support work. Here are some key benefits that the client reaped once the system went live.

  • Saved 1,200 hours that were otherwise spent bimonthly on manual data entry
  • Digitized all partner-related processes on a single portal
  • Deployed a self-service platform that delivers a frictionless experience to partners
  • Improved opportunity conversions by 1.3%
  • Enhanced visibility of the customer management team into different business operations
  • Empowered the client to make data-driven decisions to grow the opportunities strategically
Client's Speak
Flexsin has been an outstanding growth partner that has helped us manage our partner ecosystem confidently. The team is helpful and is good at what it does. Much recommended!
Courtney Smedick
North Carolina, USA
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