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Leverage Odoo to revolutionize the way an enterprise integrates with its ERP.
The framework usability evolves across web and app deliverables.
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Odoo is a bundle of open-source ERP applications harnessed by businesses of all sizes for integrating and improving project and service management, e-commerce sales channels, operational efficiency, marketing and sales activities, and HR functions.
Open-source Odoo solutions are deployed. This open-source framework unleashes an enterprise's true growth potential by simplifying operational challenges and streamlining workflows. Being an open source framework, it is cost-effective and used by different users without any license. This modular software empowers enterprises to add or delete modules as per project needs.
  • Odoo Integration

    Empower business ERP by integrating Odoo's special 3rd party apps. There are more than 5,000 modules to choose from.
  • Custom Odoo Development

    Developers bring the best out of Odoo framework as per a business's specific needs so that it generates the best ROI.
  • Support & Maintenance

    Leverage clean codes that make maintenance simple. The developers deploy advanced preventive maintenance programs to fix bugs and upgrade systems.
  • Odoo Migration

    Deploy a structured Odoo migration approach that includes data extraction, field mapping, checking integrity, and data cleansing.
Our Expertise
As a reliable Odoo ERP implementation partner, we know the platform inside out. The team is skilled in delivering Odoo-based solutions for businesses to:
    • Manage project implementation
    • Track inventory movement in real time
    • Empower businesses to get financial and accounting abilities
    • Streamline human resource functions
    • Enhance manufacturing capabilities
    • Improve omnichannel sales flow
    • Measure supply costs, distributor value, and employee productivity
  • Odoo Development Team
    The dedicated Odoo developers leverage this open-source platform so that business workflows streamline and improve. The team has the expertise and experience to use this disruptive technology for delivering open-source ERPs dedicated to front-end solutions, project management, warehouse management, financial management, human resource management, and manufacturing and supply chain. We have even deployed the ERP software to minimize or eliminate altogether an enterprise's recurring efforts to maintain accounting details.
    • Implementing complex Odoo applications.
    • Developing bespoke Odoo ERPs on time.
    • Minimizing project risks.
    • Delivering 100% transparency.
    • Complying with well-defined coding practices.
    • Upholding project confidentiality.
    • Supporting 24 * 7.
  • 1 10+ Years of
  • 2 ISO
  • 3 Certified Developer
    & Programmer on Board
  • 4 CMMI Equivalent
    Development Process
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