A Web Portal On PHP Helped Clinics Serve Patients Better And Improved Their Health

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Client Overview
With an aim to establish a strong and direct link between patients and clinical staff, the client is managing a robust engagement platform online. Located in the US, the client has come up with a patient-clinic web portal where caregivers/fitness experts upload videos to motivate anyone to follow their fitness regimen. Besides, the platform has solidified communication between patients and clinical staff. Building this web platform required deep web development expertise, and here is where we came in. We used PHP to build the web portal for clinics and patients. Once deployed, the portal played an integral role in improving the health of different patients.
Business Needs
To establish a direct and strong link between clinical staff and patients, the client wanted to build an engagement platform. This platform was supposed to have a Clinic Portal where clinics could register themselves and upload exercise videos. As per the roadmap shared by the client, the portal was supposed to enable patients to watch these videos too. Besides, the portal included a Practitioner Portal where practitioners could start practicing under a clinic of their choice. The need for the project was to::

  • Connect patients with the best physiotherapists
  • Get a responsive UI for the platform
  • Create data integrity solutions
  • Get a detailed outcome analysis
  • Make the platform compatible with smartphones
  • Seamlessly incorporate descriptive videos on leading video-sharing platforms
Strategy & Solution
For designing and deploying this engaging web enterprise portal, we engaged a team of custom web developers and designers. This team incorporated high-end functionalities for the platform's end users. This team, further, executed front-end technologies for accelerating video uploads on different platforms. Besides, the team deployed top-class backend technologies for streamlining the native video-rating system.

  • Streamlining uploads on YouTube and Vimeo through HTML iframe tag
  • Implementing world-class media streaming modules
  • Enabling patients to view all the latest exercise videos

Backend The team implemented several changes to the system's backend for managing different popup messages related to uploading exercise videos. Once that was done, yet another task was to make sure the client was prompted to rate the video.

  • Building dedicated modules to calculate and manage a video's length
  • Developing a video-rating sub-module for receiving real-time feedback
  • Writing custom code for incorporating different functionalities in the web application

Development Process For making sure that the project's deliverables were met on time, our development team always gained insights into client requirements and analyzed the feedback. Following are the steps we followed for developing a robust application.

  • Gathered client requirement and analyzed different collaboration schemes
  • Prepared system architectures and created mockups for the application
  • Developed new source code and replaced obsolete modules with newer, more refined ones
  • Managed cross-device coverage prior to application launch

With this development process, we made sure that our client was prepared to handle and incorporate all the emerging functionality issues. This approach to application development ensured us to incorporate top-level functional accuracy.
Business Outcomes
The client appreciated our inputs and contributions on every single development stage. This pharmaceutical and healthcare web-empowered enterprise portal was developed within the defined deadline.

Our team provided high-quality designing, analytical, development, and QA support services to the client. This experience has empowered the team to create and deliver dynamic mobile products for different clients operating in the same vertical.

  • Improved the communication link between patients and clinics
  • Implemented a dedicated knowledgebase and several product improvements
  • Built a dedicated video-rating system for receiving accurate feedback
  • Addressed data integrity issues that could have resulted in information theft
Client's Speak
Excellent professional, very kindly and with great skills. I highly recommend.
Jenny Mapes
Washington, USA
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