Odoo Implementation Enabled A Medical Scrubs Clothing Business To Fast-Track Its Time To Market

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Client Overview
A South African medical scrubs clothing firm wanted to deploy an online business management solution that would help consolidate and manage its functions effectively. Offering clinical wear - nurse uniforms, physiotherapist scrubs, and doctor scrubs - to vendors and hospitals, the client is part of a fast-growing industry. On understanding the client's requirements from its new ERP system, we suggested to go with Odoo. We implemented the Odoo ERP solution, integrated a payment gateway into it, handled data migration, and synced it with legacy applications to help the client improve its speed to market.
Business Needs
Being a leading name in offering top-shelf clinical wear, the client developed a huge partner ecosystem comprising healthcare consumers, vendors, stakeholders, and staff. To top it all off, the partner ecosystem was growing fast. That is why the client was looking forward to improving how it manages its partner network. Besides, the client also wanted to handle its different business functions more effectively. Previously operating in siloes, these functions included sales, purchase, inventory, and e-commerce. The client had an initial idea of deploying an enterprise-grade online platform that could unlock more business opportunities fast.

  • Streamlining business flows more effectively
  • Handling the ever-growing partner ecosystem
  • Identifying and targeting business opportunities
  • Migrating to an online business model

Strategy & Solution
After researching for a trusted technology partner, the client teamed up with Flexsin owing to its extensive expertise in ERP implementation. Flexsin carried out a number of workshops for understanding the client's business needs and its operating model. After many hours of collaborative sessions, Flexsin shortlisted Odoo as the ERP of choice. Flexsin even helped the client come up with a smart process flow to enable it to reach more targeted audiences fast.

The client leveraged Flexsin's front-end expertise to make sure Odoo implementation has an intuitive interface. Besides developing a streamlined and easy-to-understand interface, the developers instructed the client's team in using the front-end by organizing multiple training sessions. Some highlights of the front-end initiatives carried out throughout the Odoo implementation are as follows.

  • Developed an intuitive interface
  • Integrated new navigational features
  • Empowered internal users to find info fast
  • Simplified the way business processes were categorized
  • Streamlined how products were searched and bought

To make sure the Odoo implementation was successful, the client engaged Flexsin's backend developers. The biggest challenge in this phase was related to the payment gateway. The integration of a payment gateway for an enterprise client is always challenging and time-consuming. So Flexsin had to harness its expertise in making sure that the backend remained robust during and after the ERP implementation.

  • Secured payments by integrating PayFast payment gateway
  • Leveraged Python to ensure code reliability and to build the backend
  • Checked the compatibility between Odoo and the backend architecture
  • Followed coding best practices for developing the enterprise application

Development Process
During the project development phase, Flexsin faced many challenges. One of the biggest challenges was a short delivery cycle. Some business flows were complex to implement between standard processes of the application. To minimize this challenge, Flexsin understood the importance of backlog priority, reviewed the flow of business processes, and took feedback continually from the client. Some highlights of the development process followed by Flexsin are as follows.

  • Organized multiple workshops for understanding project requirements
  • Prioritized backlogs as per the client's requirements
  • Embraced an agile project development approach
  • Accommodated changes in the scope of work on the fly
  • Arranged comprehensive ERP-system walkthroughs for the client's team

Business Outcomes
Once the Odoo implementation was successfully completed, the client was able to organize its workflows effectively. Besides, Flexsin's team extended incredible support after the go-live phase was over. Because of this tremendous support, the client was able to roll out the ERP implementation exercise fast and within the defined time frame. Here are some of the benefits that the client realized once the engagement came to a close.

  • Integrated different business functions into a single, unified system
  • Managed the growing partner ecosystem better and faster
  • Accelerated the time of finding products for end-consumers
  • Easily identified and targeted business opportunities for growing the revenue

Client's Speak
Flexsin easily managed this time-critical Odoo implementation project. At every time, the staff at Flexsin was very professional and friendly. The team of ERP experts was highly responsive and answered all our questions on time so that we could make key business decisions in terms of budget and project implementation fast.

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