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SaaS Survey Application to Get Future Insights of any Industry

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Big Data SmartSurveyApp is an innovative cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application equipped with machine learning engine. It is simple, fast and secure and gives complete peace of mind to the clients and allows them to get more focused on analysis and extract hidden information in data to sustain their data-driven decisions in a way that could not be possible otherwise.
  • Time Duration 05 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted advanced analytics tools in the application to be designed to make market research better and provide hassle-free experience to the users. They wanted data-driven solutions in the application SaaS) application.

Multi-users features with a variety of roles and permissions were also required by the client so that every user of the application had access to the needed information at the right moment. The client also wanted us to have data mobility analytics automation in the application to keep the businesses competitive and stay ahead of the curve. The client wanted following to be incorporated in the application:

  • Market research tools
  • Data driven solutions
  • Data mobility-analytics automation
  • High quality online and offline survey
  • Predict future outcomes and trends
  • Add staff members
Strategy & Solution
To keep pace with ever-increasing client demands on software functionality and time-to-market expectations, throughout the developmental phase of the project, our software developers had evolved the way they developed code.

Started with arranging a face-to-face meeting on what should be in the coding standard, they had discussed the rules and decided to include the mandatory rules in the code convention. The code convention guidelines were reviewed frequently. Rules were moved from mandatory to optional and vice versa. If some of them did not work as expected, then they were removed from the guidelines.

Front-end The client wanted the application to run any data-related project to collect unlimited volume of data for analysis, insight and prediction purposes. They wanted the app to be capable of conducting high-quality online and offline surveys, market research and behavioral studies in any industry. For this, we provided below features in Big Data SmartSurveyApp:

  • Self-service SaaS platform for Big Data solutions
  • Market research tools and analytics tools
  • Surveys for market research and behavior studies
  • Data that is ready for analysis and modeling visualization

Backend Our dedicated team of developers made use of industry best practices to deliver interactive, unique and innovative SmartSurveyApp. We worked on the following backend solutions keeping in mind various stages of business analysis, solution implementation and customization.

  • SaaS application with machine learning engine
  • Integration of data analytics scripts in reporting modules
  • Technological infrastructure with specific programming
  • Predictive analytics tools and techniques

Development Process Our passionate professionals with extensive experience in big data analytics, machine learning, data mining, statistical computations, and predictive analytics modeling got a clear idea of how the script would work and improvements needed to run it faster.

  • Data drive project for modeling and visualization
  • Big Data Classification and predictive analytics
  • SaaS application with machine learning
  • Industry's best iterative development practices

The application was provided capability to uncover hidden insights and patterns in raw data and predict future outcomes and trends for the client. Client's input were taken throughout the project development phase and changes incorporated as and when asked.

Client's Feedback

One of the best experiences we've ever had on a project like this...
Germantown, USA
Business Outcomes
Big Data SmartSurveyApp was designed to get insights and/or react to business matters in real-time and help clients to make data-driven business, power transformative change and drive growth. This self-service SaaS platform was mainly designed to give its users big data solutions. During the project development phase of the project, the challenge we had was that the as the script was provided by the client, there was a requirement of general understanding of data analytics and its various libraries.

It was really important for our team to work around these challenges and gain advantages over their competition with more reliable insights. Our dedicated team of developers made use of Python (V 2.7), Django framework to deliver robust, scalable and flexible application and was able to offer the following solutions to the end users:

  • User-friendly marketing analytics environment along with reporting features
  • Secure and safe payment gateway for transparency transactions
  • Integration of various data analytics scripts in reporting modules
  • Integration of Big Data analytics solutions into day-to-day business operations
  • Maintenance of the site performance for optimum output
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