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Talent Acquisition Automated, Streamlined, And Refined With An AI-Enabled Tool

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Managing a platform built on artificial engineering, the client is harnessing the latest digital technology for overcoming staffing challenges faced by today's human resource team. By leveraging this cutting-edge tool, the client is empowering recruiters to get more productive and invest their time in building brand-specific storytelling strategies and executing employer-branding business processes. The client's AI tool is engineered to help employers and job seekers create a better, smarter, and more connected future.
  • Time Duration 4 Months
  • Team Effort 3 Persons
Business Needs
For delivering the true spirit of digital innovation in the global recruitment landscape, the client had an idea of a revolutionary platform in mind. The client wanted to build a robust platform that would use the latest suite of digital technologies for seamlessly solving the challenges faced by today's talent managers. The client's key business needs that it wanted its platform to meet were as follows

  • Simplifying the way of discovering the best talent and processing their information
  • Automating the process of hunting fresh talent at scale and speed
  • Accelerating the way millions of CVs are processed
  • Removing human intervention and prejudice in scoring the candidates
  • Analyzing the job description for providing intelligent recommendations about top candidates
Strategy & Solution
For putting its talent-hunting platform idea from paper to the digital world, the client teamed up with Flexsin's expert AI app developers. After brainstorming with the client about its project requirements, the AI specialists decided to come up with an AI-powered application. After several rounds of detailed discussions, it was decided that building an AI application was the most feasible solution both economically and technologically.

The AI-enabled application had different components that were meant to be collaborated for generating a harmonious series of results. High-level engineering capabilities were used for designing, developing, and deploying an AI module. This intelligent module had built-in capabilities of processing millions of CVs and scoring them according to the information available. Afterward, the module was even programmed with AI for comparing it with the job description the talent manager was looking for. Moreover, as most of the CVs may not be up to date, the application was designed to fetch the latest information about a specific candidate by connecting with a host of third-party apps. These third-party applications were the ones that collected the latest information and kept feeding the database.

Flexsin's team designed a user interface that had the latest component of Angular in it. The front-end developers kept in mind the importance of building a simple and responsive UI. Below, there is a list of features that the app's front-end offered to the users.
  • Improving the load times of the app so that there was no waiting and maximum gratification
  • Optimizing the sign-up and login processes for making sure everything remained fast and intuitive
  • Building an AI-driven chatbot for finding and delivering the latest information from the candidate and updating the database accordingly
  • Enabling the candidates to record video interviews and submit them for review
  • Helping the candidates record the video right from the application's UI or their browser of choice
  • Encrypting the interface with SSL for ensuring that information-transfer was safe
  • Empowering the candidates to check their status and seamlessly communicating with the talent manager
  • Scoring the CV based on the job description and information available on it
  • Allowing the talent manager to schedule a video interview with any candidate
  • Enabling the talent manager to quickly view the social media profiles for every candidate

Harnessing the power of Node and MongoDB, the backend on the website was fast and highly available for serving the user request as optimally as possible. A few of the most prominent highlights that made the enterprise application's backend always-on and robust are mentioned below.:
  • Using the Shading concept of MongoDB for making sure the database queries were processed fast
  • Leveraging Node clustering for making the application highly available with zero downtime
  • Using a robust database for storing the application details as safely as possible

Development Process
For making sure that the project delivery was on track, Flexsin's development team made sure to harness agile work principles. By making the whole development process and delivery cycles agile and fast, the developers ensured that new levels of speed and quality were unlocked. Some of the key highlights of the overall development process were as follows.
  • Doing multiple meetings with the client's business team initially to make sure the project requirements were clearly understood
  • Figuring out the project details and setting the roles and responsibilities specific to the project
  • Preparing and sending work reports periodically to the client's business team and scheduling sprint meetings as and when required
  • Having the resource bandwidth for accommodating any additional project requirements
  • Testing all the deliverables thoroughly before they were delivered to the client
  • Harnessing CI/CD pipeline for making sure deployments were seamless and fast

Client's Feedback

I wanted to build an AI-enabled app that could reconfigure the future of the talent industry. And wi..
San Jose, CA
Business Outcomes
Once the AI application was developed and implemented successfully, the client realized multiple benefits. First and foremost, the team at Flexsin made sure that the delivery of the AI web app was made as per the pre-defined time frame. Some of the top benefits that the client realized as soon as the AI application was deployed are as follows.
  • Integrating AI into the overarching corporate culture for turning disruption into digital transformation
  • Reducing 200 man-hours of effort every month, which were otherwise spent on shortlisting the CVs and connecting with the candidates manually
  • Minimizing the number of process-specific errors by 30 percent, which were earlier reported due to human interventions
  • Deploying AI strategic scalers within the app that enabled the program to operate at scale
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