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Innovative and user-friendly online booking system for tourism & travel industry.
The perfect solution for hoteliers and travelers to travel conveniently and in a cost-effective way.
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The bookings software dynamically packages a combination of products like hotel+flight+car or hotel+flight etc. for the users. It allows the customers to plan their customized itinerary and vacations using the mix-and-match method and delivers a combined, best price package for the purchase of hotel accommodation and flight ticket packages. Value addition comes in the form of customized view, discounts, and seasonal sales offers.

You need not have direct agreements and interactions with multiple stakeholders like flight booking agents, tour operators, airlines or hotel wholesalers. The system will conveniently let you manage all this from a user-friendly interface and distribute your products to various sales channels including B2C and B2B. The tool is customizable and scalable; it beautifully merges data from multiple vendors and presents it to the viewer.

OOur hotel and flight reservation system is designed to enhance your online sales with user management and monitoring capabilities across multiple user levels. The software provides integrated end-to-end solutions which help in single window access to the needed information and execution of the tasks.

How Hotel/Flight Reservation System Works?<

Hotel and flight online booking engines are connected with respective channel management systems of airlines and hotels. The channel systems have updated information on the availability of flights and rooms, which is made available to the booking engines in real time. When a customer searches for flight or hotel, it has latest and updated information based on which it can confirm booking. As soon as payment is done through the secure gateway and booking is confirmed, the information is updated instantly so that other users are updated of the remaining seats and accommodation.

You have access to secure admin login and can also create sub admin as per your need. Support for third-party API integration and management is also provided.

As a key player in the growing international tours and travel industry, you may need customized travel and bookings portal development software for your business. Our hotel and flight reservation booking software integrates various GDS, APIs, and XML for flight and hotel bookings to assist the customers to meet the challenges of this highly competitive global industry.

Technology Offerings

  • Custom Development Custom Development
  • SQL Server SQL Server
  • Oracle Oracle
  • Microsoft .Net Microsoft .Net
  • Galileo GDS Integration Galileo GDS Integration
  • Java Java
  • Amadeus GDS Integration Amadeus GDS Integration
  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Abacus GDS Integration Abacus GDS Integration
  • Open Source Open Source
  • RoomsXML Integration RoomsXML Integration
  • Hotelbeds XML Integration Hotelbeds XML Integration

Partners & Accreditations

  • Mircosoft Solutions Partner
  • Saleforce Partner
  • Hedera
  • AWS Parnter
  • Google Premier Partner
  • ISO

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