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Management Information System or MIS provides reports to managers in custom formats which is most appropriate for their specific use. It helps in the planning, controlling and decision making at the management level. A good MIS has to be adaptable; it should grow with business needs. It should be flexible; its individual parts should be independently upgradable without disrupting the entire system.

MIS is a unified integration of man, machine, and procedures to extract information from data and present it in a way that helps in efficient decision making in an enterprise. MIS provides valuable information on resources, budget, new products, acquisitions, tactics etc. A typical MIS is designed to study and analyze data from multiple perspectives.

MIS presents information in custom formats to different users for effective usage. While a salesman's screen may display his weekly productivity, a sales manager's screen might display a pie-chart displaying contribution of each salesman based on the same data set, while an accountant's screen may display earnings by each salesperson, again based on the same dataset.

How MIS System Works?

  • Real time data Integration of data at one place helps in its easy storage, retrieval, and updating. The data is converted to useful information and presented in a custom format to the persons with actionable insights to act upon it in good time. It is of particular help in manufacturing units where managers could detect if the shutdown resulted due to some technical, operational or other problem.
  • Better communication communication It helps in improving teamwork as all members have access to same data at the same time. The system easily integrates with extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) tool for efficient communication and insight. The management gets proactive intelligence delivery and alerts.
  • Organizational support Our MIS is designed to provide support for routine managerial functions at various levels of organization related to strategic, tactical and operational decision making. It helps in defining organizational goals and policies, decision making, coordination, and control. It establishes streamlined interpersonal communication channels within the organization.
  • Value of information We deliver MIS solutions that help you determine timelines for product delivery, relevance, and accuracy of data, cost-effectiveness and usability of resources and aggregation of processes. Information value is distinct from its cost, and our MIS is developed to support decisions to trigger actions for improved performance. Measuring the difference in organizational performance helps trace the impact of information.

Management Information System Benefits

  • Multiple report templates for quick analysis of data.
  • Common data flows across the organization.
  • Helps in strategic planning and insights.
  • Helps in efficient and improved decision making.
  • Relevant information delivered at right time to the right person.
  • Scalable data base management capabilities.
  • Open access to system architecture.
  • Data storage, retrieval and access management.

Technology Offerings

  • Custom Development Custom Development
  • SQL Server SQL Server
  • Oracle Oracle
  • Microsoft .Net Microsoft .Net
  • Galileo GDS Integration Galileo GDS Integration
  • Java Java
  • Amadeus GDS Integration Amadeus GDS Integration
  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Abacus GDS Integration Abacus GDS Integration
  • Open Source Open Source
  • RoomsXML Integration RoomsXML Integration
  • Hotelbeds XML Integration Hotelbeds XML Integration

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