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Hotel management involves a lot of activities including guests check-in, payments, laundry management, restaurant, and food management, inventory management, accommodation management, transportation, concierge etc. A hotel management system lets you take full charge of all these activities through a centralized interface.

The system takes care of the accounting details and accommodations in the hotel. It also keeps track of the inventory in the hotel. Front office operations are handled efficiently that provide a unique experience to the visitors and online guests. A good hotel management system allows for flexibility so that it could meet the high seasonal demand of tourists and guests, like December-end celebrations and summer/winter vacations.

Hotel management systems save a lot of valuable time of the managers by providing updated information on hotel activities. The automated environment ensures that hotel operations are run smoothly and managed efficiently.

How Hotel Management System Works?

The system could be deployed by each hotel owner at its property, or alternatively, it could be hosted at a data center that could be accessed efficiently over a secured data network through a password-protected gateway.

The system lets you connect with your guests well before they actually check-in your property. The guests can have a full view of the facilities and amenities available in the hotel rooms and the kind of food they will be provided.

As soon as a guest confirms the booking and makes payment through a secured payment gateway that allows for multiple modes of payments like credit and debit card, net banking and phone banking etc, an acknowledgment email is sent to the guest informing it of the booking. The guests are also provided your contact details so that they could connect with you whenever needed.

Technology Offerings

  • Custom Development Custom Development
  • SQL Server SQL Server
  • Microsoft .Net Microsoft .Net
  • Oracle Oracle
  • Java Java
  • innRoad innRoad
  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • roomMaster roomMaster
  • Open Source Open Source
  • Maestro PMS Maestro PMS

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