Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Enables A US-Based Solar Energy Enterprise To Minimize The Licensing Cost

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Client Overview
A solar contractor in the US wanted to transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning to help minimize its high licensing costs. As a national leader in the solar power segment since 2007, the client has installed solar panels for more than 17,000 homeowners across the country. We are a digital transformation partner, helping the client reorganize the current Sales Cloud Org Apex code, remove redundant user accounts, and reduce the licensing costs.
Business Needs
The client wanted to transform its 4-year-old Salesforce implementation by switching to a faster and more modern UI. The client was looking for an engagement partner for streamlining the migration of the current Org implementation from Salesforce Classic to a more intuitive Salesforce UI. The current Org had redundant Apex code explicitly written for incorporating features that are available out of the box (OOB) in Salesforce. While shifting to a newer UI, the client wanted to remove redundant custom Apex codes across the existing implementation.

The Solar Panel Installation Project of the client was being managed through the Standard Opportunity Object, which was not the best practice and came with several limitations including the presence of many fields and accessibility issues. The client even wanted to pinpoint and eliminate redundant users for bringing down the annual Salesforce license cost that cost $125,000.

  • Transitioning Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning
  • Reorganizing the Org of Redundant APEX Code
  • Implementing Customized Workflows and Rules for Lead Maturation Process (lead to opportunity)
  • Developing Custom Project Management App using Custom Objects and Process Builders
  • Integrating with 3rd party applications for matching the Physical Business Processes
  • Reducing the License Cost by removing Redundant User Accounts
Strategy & Solution
After several rounds of discussions with various Stakeholders during the Project Discovery Phase, Flexsin approached with a holistic Digital Transformation Plan. The prime objective was to correctly implement the new Org as per the standard customer relationships processes in Solar Energy Domain and tailored to meet the niche business practices of the client. The new Org was implemented with the latest Lightning User Interface which also allowed for Mobile Apps Accessibility of the Org for the Internal and External Sales Reps. New implementation offered higher performance and lower lag time in using the Org as all the redundant APEX code was replaced with the OOB Features.

  • Identifying Key Stakeholders and Users and defining accessibility and visibility of the Org and its various components
  • Revamping the User Interface and User Experience by implementing a fresh org on Salesforce Lightning and implementing improved lead conversion and maturation process
  • Improving Solar Panel Installation Projects management by developing custom objects dedicated to project management and implementing task management and Gantt Chart features
  • Rolling out Salesforce-defined automation such as Process Builders, Workflow Rules, Triggers, and Alerts and integrating third-party applications from AppExchange for the development of required features and functionalities
  • Used third-party applications from AppExchange for the development of required features and functionalities across the implementation
  • Setting up on Community for 1099 Sales Reps for better interaction and communication
  • Migrating data from Old Org to New Org including Cleansing of Data

Development Process The project was controlled and managed by a number of stakeholders. Each of them handled a specific aspect of the Salesforce project development. The team at Flexsin involved a number of resources from managing the deliverables; it included project manager, release manager, software developer, and quality analyst.

  • Defining Stakeholders for participation and supporting the implementation starting from the Project Discovery Phase through Go-Live and beyond.
  • Defining the focus of the implementation and keeping the goals very well defined and achievable
  • Analysis and Redefining of Current Implementation, Process Flows, Standard and Custom Objects, Relationships, User Roles, Permissions, Apps, External Integrations, Data, Files and Preparation of an Implementation Plan
  • Curation of Product Backlog and Creation of Sprints as per the Implementation Plan
  • Setting Up the Salesforce Sandbox for Implementation as per the defined Sprints
  • Deployment of Implementation from Sandbox to the Production Org
  • Adding Up Users and Sample Data for Testing
  • Development of a Data Migration Plan followed by Data Migration through Data Loader
  • Training to End Users
  • Upgrades and Maintenance after Go-Live
Business Outcomes
The engagement empowered the client to use latest Salesforce Lightning UI which offered seamless user experience and faster transactions processing. Adding to the improved user experience was the replacement of explicitly custom coded functionality with native features. It became easier for the client to track and manage Solar Panel Implementation Projects and provided deep meaningful insights for increasing the operational efficiency and reducing overhead costs.

  • Reduced 69 licenses to 45 resulting in savings on License Fees
  • Implemented the latest Salesforce Lightning UI
  • Improved the existing Sales Workflows and enhanced Lead Maturation Process
  • Streamlined Solar Panel Installation Project Management tool
Client's Speak
We are pleased working with Flexsin and they delivered the project on time. We have now given them one year maintainence.
Jeremy Kauth
Product Owner, USA
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