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Business Automation for Bicycles Manufacturer

Expertise: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Business Process Automation
Verticals: Manufacturing & Industrial Consulting
Technologies: OdooTDD (Test Driven Design and Development)Plugin Development Django Framework Python Payment GatewayGoogle Place API
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Our client is an established U.S. bicycle brand well known for its complete product line including high quality made road, mountain, commuter, recreational and youth bicycles. They have won numerous design awards including Bicycling Magazine's Editor's Choice Award 12 times and Mountain Bike Magazine's Bike of the Year twice. They are currently sold throughout the United States via independent bicycle dealers and in over 77 countries worldwide.
  • Time Duration 8 Months
  • Team Effort 6 Persons
Business Needs
The bicycle is a marvelous invention, with an impact that is almost completely, one hundred percent positive. For individuals (exercise!) as well as for the environment (reduced carbon footprint). A bike is one of the world's most powerful instruments for change. We know because cycling forever changed our lives, and we have seen it change the lives of so many others.
Our project focuses on backend Odoo implementation that drives the bike sales to their dealers. Some more details
  1. They have over 80 dealers spread across the country
  2. There are 3 overseas factories that manufacture the bikes. The bikes are shipped to the USA.
  3. In the USA, there are 3 Warehouses that the bikes and Parts are stored.

This an online business to business (BtoB) portal where you can do an online purchase of bikes. Products hold all the parts (parts, pricing, descriptions, etc..). We built a custom web store. This is a BtoB site where dealers can login and order bikes/parts and place warranty claims to the manufacturer. When dealers order bikes or parts then the manufacturer will fill the order in Odoo and ship the bikes or parts to the dealer (wholesale operations).
Strategy & Solution
Our work and solution gave our client a big boost in terms of automated process as we have made there manual process (Such as importation fees, payment gateway integration, etc.) automated through the system. We have also optimized the queries and code of the websites to boots/optimize the speed of the website overall.

Client's Feedback

Great job. Easy to work with. Very responsive to my needs. ..
Mike Herlihy
Business Manager Jamisbikes, Midland park, USA
Business Outcomes
The major focus was to manage the price matrix in the backend for retail users. They have different price levels that need to manage on different-different scenarios in order to display over the website. We have built a custom Odoo module to manage the price system. Another challenge was to move the servers on new hosting keeping the factor downtime in mind. We have planned the process in the night and did it successfully without any issues.
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