An American Bicycle Brand Implements An Odoo ERP Solution To Bring Down Weekly Man-Hours

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Client Overview
An established US bicycle brand wanted to cut its reliance on multiple legacy applications and optimize its business processes. Operating since 1937 the client has an extensive product line that includes bicycles for any terrain. The client has won numerous design awards, and has an annual revenue of USD $37 million. We built a cost-effective, modular, and robust ERP solution on Odoo that would help in streamlining dealer network management, automating shop floors, automation, redefining business practices.
Business Needs
Being a top-rated bicycle brand, the client was struggling when it came to managing its dealers that were spread across the US. To top it all off, the client relied on legacy systems for managing its overseas manufacturing units. The same legacy system was already bursting at the seams and could not manage the client's warehouses that stored the bikes and their spares. Here are some of the key business needs that the client was looking to solve through an engagement with a technology partner.

  • Handling the management of 80 dealers nationwide
  • Managing the operations of three international factories
  • Optimizing the supply chain to make shipments faster and safer
  • Improving the ROI from its three warehouses
Strategy & Solution
To make sure that the bicycle brand scaled at a high velocity, the client wanted to team up with a reliable technology partner. After initial meetings, the client decided to put its faith in our team of technology experts. Since the client wanted an open-source and cost-effective ERP solution, our team decided to go ahead with Odoo implementation. The client brought our Odoo developers on board.

Our development team ensured that the backend of the client's ERP had the Odoo goodness that would drive the sales of bikes. Besides boosting the sales of the bikes, the Odoo ERP solution was responsible for managing manufacturing units, warehouses, and dealerships. To build a robust B2B e-commerce portal for the client, we ensured that the online purchase of bikes was made seamlessly without hampering the intuitive quotient for dealers.

User Experience
Being a dealer-facing web store, the client was particular about the interface. Our UX team brainstormed with the client and zeroed in on a theme that would sit well with the store's B2B image. Despite being a B2B web outlet, we ensured that it was intuitive and even aligned with the client's brand guidelines. Here are some of the highlights that showcase how we enhanced the user experience of the web store while keeping the friction points to a minimum.

  • Made sure that page load speeds are high even during peak loads
  • Optimized the browsing and checkout experiences
  • Modernized the web store so that its product pages could easily load on mobile devices
  • Ensured that the sign-up page for the dealer required minimum details for reducing the bounce rate
  • Streamlined the process of filing warranty claims for dealers

Being an online B2B web store, we ensured that its backend was robust and secure in every way. Our Odoo team made sure that all the login details of dealers were stored safely with zero chance of data leaks. Our Odoo developers also made every operation - from bike sales and warranty claims to wholesale operations and shipment tracking - seamless. Here are some of the highlights of Odoo-powered backed architecture that we deployed for the client.

  • Enabled dealers manage price matrix at the backend easily
  • Ensured that price levels were modified and easily manageable in different scenarios.
  • Customized an Odoo module to manage the price system of the bikes
  • Moved the servers on new hosting while minimizing the downtime

Our Odoo developers followed an agile methodology to make sure that every deliverable remained top-notch at all times. Moreover, following an agile approach helped our Odoo development team ensure that any change in the project scope was easily handled. Here are some of the key factors that define our development process from start to finish.

  • Brainstormed with the client's business team about the project's scope and attributes
  • Allocated key project stakeholders and clarified their KRAs in detail
  • Carried out daily stand-ups to get an understanding of daily deliverables
  • Demoed work-in-progress projects every week to gather client feedback
  • Implemented the feedback from the client into the project to improve its functionality
  • Tested the quality of every deliverable before every demo
  • Delivered extensive user training programs to help the client's dealers get the hang of the framework

Business Outcomes
Within just a week of going live, the dealer-exclusive web store helped the client experience visible benefits. First up, the client improved the overall collaboration between its different dealerships, warehouses, and factories. Moreover, better coordination among different business units helped the client improve its bottom line as well. Here are some of the key rewards that the leading bicycle retailer reaped once its Odoo web store went live.

  • Automated manual processes used for calculating importation fees, making payments, etc.
  • Reduced the manual labor by 14 man-hours weekly
  • Minimized the time taken to file warranty claims from 2 days to 3 hours
  • Expanded the dealership network within a quarter of the launch of the B2B portal
  • Optimized mission-critical business processes, including manufacturing, supply chains, etc.
Client's Speak
Great job. Easy to work with. Very responsive to my needs.
Mike Herlihy
Business Manager Jamisbikes, Midland park, USA
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