Product Information Management System - Automating Processes, Operations, And Product Development For A Swiss Disinfectant Manufacturer

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Client Overview
A prominent Swiss disinfectant manufacturer wanted a Product Information Management (PIM) system to centralize its product repositories spread across 46 domains. The client has an annual revenue of USD $10.27 million owing to its unwavering commitment to offer best-in-class cleansing products for the past 40 years. We used the Microsoft Technology stack to develop a PIM system with a robust data model, CRM modules, DMS, and an integration architecture.
Business Needs
Initially, OCC Switzerland managed product information traditionally on Excel sheets. This way, managing information was costing the client excessive manpower and money. The client wanted to implement a system that automated how business documents such as marketing collateral and technical factsheets are generated. The client wanted the new system to be engineered for:

  • Generating product formulas
  • Managing toxicological information
  • Simplifying hazards identification management
  • Streamlining packaging management
  • Deploying CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Implementing DMS (distribution management system)
Strategy & Solution
Strategy & Solution The client teamed up with Flexsin for building a robust PIM (product information management) system. Flexsin created a comprehensive technology road map for integrating the PIM system to automate information management. With the PIM system deployed, the client streamlines the information related to product classifications, composition, safety phrases, hazard-specific guidelines, and the like. Also, the PIM system automates the most time-consuming processes. For completing the engagement, Flexsin deployed an account manager, a project manager, a senior designer and developer, a business analyst, and a testing analyst.

Front-end While designing OCC's healthcare management system, we deployed front-end technologies for making its e-commerce system intuitive and load faster. We used different technologies for making the client's e-commerce web ecosystem more intuitive and easy to use.
  • Adding new features for automating product classification and other processes
  • Optimizing the overall e-commerce ecosystem architecture to become more responsive
  • Creating customizable and personalized ecosystem formats to suit the needs of end-users

Backend We leveraged the right technology in developing a robust backend for streamlining the web e-commerce ecosystem end to end. Some of the highlights while designing and deploying the project's backend ecosystem to build a solid web-based healthcare information management system are mentioned below.
  • Implementing a robust layer of database servers
  • Using additional components in the e-commerce ecosystem for streamlining business process automation
  • Developing backend modules for facilitating information sharing

Development Process We followed a full-fledged agile development process while designing the healthcare management ecosystem for the client. By following an agile development lifecycle for the client's project completion, the development team at Flexsin ensured that all the delivery deadlines were met as planned. We relied on constant feedback from the client's business team for refining the overall e-commerce ecosystem. This development process, which empowered the development lifecycle from start to finish, included the following steps.
  • Planning the product lifecycle Product planning
  • Designating the web ecosystem's architecture
  • Kick-starting project development
  • Carrying out final testing and deployments
Business Outcomes
Automated business processes made OCC focus on its core manufacturing expertise rather than document management. Automation was executed for bringing down human efforts and costs. Because of the project's successful completion, Flexsin and OCC are planning to execute new projects that are in the pipeline. Other highlights of the successful completion of this business engagement are as follows:

  • Built a multilingual web ecosystem that supports 47 languages such as Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, and many more
  • Engineered the PIM system for adding, activating, and inactivating webpages and the entire website for all 46 domains within one centralized location
  • Reduced document generation time by 70 percent by automating the generation of high-quality PDF docs such as flyer, technical datasheets, banners, fact sheets, material safety guides, and many others

Client's Speak
The work completed by Flexsin has been important for integrating automation into processes responsible for information and document management. The automation has eventually helped us generate savings.
Juerg Suter
CEO Orochemie, Zurich, Switzerland
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