Customer Experience Modernization Enables A South Asian Energy Leader To Boost Its App Adoption Rate By 60%

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Client Overview
A domestic power distributor (India) needed to modernize its electricity consumption and bill management application to help consumers perform secure transactions, register complaints, and book new connections. The electricity supplier serves an area spread across 700 sq. kms with a customer density of 3,100 per sq. km. Having the most advanced distribution network in the region, the client caters to 4.5 million customers. As a strategic partner to help modernize its application, we added multilingual support to improve UX, refactored code, and integrated it with legacy APIs.
Business Needs
The client had an enterprise-level payment application on iOS and Android that lacked a human-centric appeal. To keep pace with the new-age digital, the client wanted to reinvent the existing mobile application that would drive consumer engagement to the next level. The client had an idea for the app to be more consumer-friendly by making it feature-packed.

  • Deploying a user-centered design experience
  • Transforming the bill-payment ecosystem
  • Delivering consumer-centric digital pay solutions
  • Integrating customer engagement initiatives
  • Simplifying user interaction with the app
Strategy & Solution
The client collaborated with Flexsin to modernize its existing application. That is when the newer and more modern app was conceptualized. As a next-gen app, this one came bundled with features for streamlining operations in many ways. The all-new BSES app was designed keeping in mind every small need of the consumers who could do everything from paying electricity bills to accessing safety tips by tapping on their smartphone screens. Besides, Flexsin's team of app developers minimized the app-load times and helped consumers manage their electricity accounts right from the app interface easily and quickly.

Flexsin's team harnesses its app modernization capabilities in iOS and Android for building an immersive UX that is easy to use and intuitive as well. The client and the app development team at Flexsin collaborated to come up with the best app design that pushed the envelope when it came to boosting user engagement.

  • Incorporating an intuitive UI that is fast, responsive, and smooth
  • Bringing a host of functional add-ons for seamless navigation
  • Enhancing app usability by making the interface feature-rich
  • Adding multi-lingual support for improving UX and app adaptability

For making the app more streamlined, it had to completely sync with the backend operations. The backend development included long-term planning for improving app efficiency and minimizing the load-times. Here are the project highlights of the app's backend ecosystem.

  • Integrating new codes with legacy APIs
  • Implementing a payment gateway for secure transactions
  • Storing customer data on robust and well-protected databases
  • Developing structured menus and dynamic screens

Development Process
Flexsin followed an agile app development process where the app was incrementally updated keeping in mind the client inputs and feedback. After every stage, the client was sent an app build to the quality-control unit. Besides, the client was always kept in the loop so that it knew about the latest design and production developments taking place. Flexsin's team, along with the client's team, had a weekly sprint for discussing the milestones met in the previous week and set development and modernization priorities for the coming days. Overall, the entire development process was transparent so that the client had complete visibility over the app modernization cycle.

  • Gathering app requirements and brainstorming for new features
  • Setting development and production milestones periodically
  • Testing incremental app builds for upholding the highest quality standards
  • Extending post-delivery application support to bring the downtime

Business Outcomes
The engagement successfully drew to a close after the app was redesigned, tested, and redeployed. One of the chief reasons for Flexsin to successfully re-launch the app included the development team's strong commitment to delivery excellence. The team had a clear roadmap for modernizing the app during the initial stages of the engagement. Some of the most notable benefits that the client reaped post-engagement are listed below.

  • Laid the foundation for a fully advanced app ecosystem to improve user engagement
  • Introduced a safe payment system that boosted the operational capacity by 70 percent
  • Delivered a better app layout that improved the adoption rate by 60 percent
  • Built a new level of simplicity and seamlessness as far as navigational capabilities go
  • Embraced an agile approach that enhanced the app-functionality efficiency by 80 percent
Client's Speak
Flexsin helped us build and deploy a comprehensive app modernization roadmap. The roadmap was built to revamp a customer-facing app that streamlines the way people interact with our brand, pay their bills, and get a host of other notifications. I am really impressed with the way Flexsin handled all the project deadlines without compromising on deliverable quality or ignoring any last-minute product modifications. This team is highly recommended!
BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd
New Delhi, India
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