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VB.NET is used for efficiently creating ASP.NET Web applications and
Desktop applications, besides Windows Mobile applications.
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Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is an object-oriented computer language that is used for .net applications such as Web applications, Windows applications, and various Web Services. VB.net also supports the development of different mobile applications, client-server applications, and web applications.
VB.net is used for the creation of web forms by our professional visual form designer as it supports inheritance and polymorphism features. It also supports mobile and web application development. VB.net manages different applications for efficiently. All the VB.net applications have auto formatting of code, enhanced object browser, and many more inbuilt features. It can make access to all the features of the VB.net framework.
  • Custom VB. Net Development

    Our VB.NET professionals are capable of transforming diverse business requirements into highly flexible and scalable VB. NET web based solutions that will take your business to next level.
  • VB. Net Integration

    Leverage the power of BizTalk capabilities to introduce VB.NET solutions to your environment and ensure unhindered A2A/B2B communication.
  • 3rd party VB.NET Customization

    In order to make VB. NET solutions better fit your business requirements, our cross-functional experts customize third party VB.Net in user-defined specifications.
  • Migration to VB.Net

    Constant technological changes weaken the business value of your legacy business. Migrate your existing applications to VB.NET in a hassle-free manner and boost its performance.
Domain Expertise
Our cross-functional experts make use of latest technology, to deliver feature-rich and effective VB. NET solutions that fit your requirement and budget. Irrespective of project complexity, we deliver high quality services with on-time delivery.
    • Designing and Programming using VB.NET
    • Migrating web-based and standalone applications to.NET
    • Development, Support, and Enhancement of existing applications.NET
    • Application development in.NET
    • Compact framework
    • Server/client applications
    • Customer relationship management applications
    • Interactive corporate ASP.NET websites that conform to WAI and Web 2.0 standards
    • MS-Office add-in applications
    • eCommerce applications and Windows Mobile Applications
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications
    • Content Management System (Dot Net Nuke) based Websites
  • Our Dedicated VB.Net Expert team
    We have expert VB. NET programmers with extensive industry experience also have in-depth knowledge. Technical understanding, analytical power and creative skills to develop business-centric applications, has helped us in meeting the client requirements and specifications efficiently.
    • Short turnarounds.
    • Ensure test-driven development of web apps and systems.
    • Experience in developing modules having their own specific scaling configuration.
    • Adaptation and immense expertise in .NET development technologies.
    • VB .NET developer knows what exactly it takes to provide results favoring the client's business.
    • Creates robust & powerful applications that boost your business productivity.
    • They have acquired the capability to build powerful VB. NET solutions suiting our client's requirements and budget.
  • 1 10+ Years of
  • 2 ISO
  • 3 Certified Developers
    & Programmers on Board
  • 4 CMMI Equivalent
    Development Process
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