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Client Overview
Optimizing the process of putting deals together for brokers, the client wanted to build a mobile application from scratch. Being part of the US real estate sector, which is expected to grow to US$4.5 trillion by 2030, the client operates a full-service real estate firm. As a trusted mobile app development company, we partnered with the client to ensure its mobile app is developed for the iOS platform. Once designed, developed, and deployed, the native mobile app attracted paid members in droves and ensured brokers could close deals faster.
Business Needs
The client felt the need to improve the outcomes for its target audience - brokers - in the US. To do that, the client wanted to create an app that would help streamline the workflow of brokers in a variety of ways. Some of the needs highlighted by the client at the start of the engagement are mentioned below.

  • Improving communication between brokers
  • Creating dedicated dashboards for individual brokers
  • Making sure that only licensed brokers can join the app
  • Ensuring the users do not waste time networking with brokers or scrolling through listings
Strategy & Solution
Our iOS app development team was brought on board to ensure that the project deliverables meet the expected quality standards. Also, our iOS app developers made sure the mobile app was designed, developed, and delivered on time. We used Swift, Xcode, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and MySQL. The development team built an app that catered to the requirements of every US broker. The chosen technologies ensured the development of a seamless user experience and streamlined backend processes as well. That way, the app was all set to become a valuable tool for licensed real estate brokers in the country.


  • Swift And Xcode:
  • Our team used Swift and Xcode to build the app's frontend, as both of them are preferred and well-recognized tools for iOS app development. Using these technologies enabled our team to integrate the app into the iOS platform seamlessly, ensuring ideal performance and a native UX.

  • Native App Development:
  • We urged the client to go with native app development, as it helped the application deliver peak performance and become highly responsive. Moreover, native app development lets the app use device-specific functionalities as well. Through native app development, we ensured the app had a smooth user interface, which led to improved user satisfaction and maximized engagement.

  • Dedicated Dashboards:
  • Our iOS app developers created dedicated dashboards for every broker, providing them with streamlined workflows and personalized experiences. The use of Xcode and Swift enabled the team to design and deploy intuitive dashboards, letting brokers manage their tasks and gain access to key information.


  • Admin Panel Development:
  • We used Bootstrap, HTML, and JavaScript to build the UI of the admin panel. Using these technologies helped us integrate responsiveness, easy customization, and flexibility into the app. Additionally, using these technologies helped our developers create a visually appealing and robust admin interface, thereby ensuring the UX is intuitive.

  • Backend Development:
  • We built the mobile app's backend with Laravel and PHP. This framework helped us build secure server-side logic and manage data effectively. Laravel's extensive suite of features, including routing, authentication, and migration, simplified development processes and improved the app's security and performance.

  • Database:
  • Our team used MySQL as the preferred database management system (DBMS). Using this DMBS helped our team ensure efficient query execution, data integrity, and secured storage. Moreover, MySQL is compatible with Laravel and PHP, allowing for simplified data modification and retrieval and seamless integration. These features resulted in the development of stable and robust backend architecture.


  • Licensed Broker Verification:
  • Our iOS app development team deployed a detailed verification process to ensure that only licensed brokers could join the app. The process was deployed during user registration. The team used validation mechanisms and necessary APIs to verify a broker's license, ensuring the users met the app's compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • Communication:
  • The app refined communication between the brokers by incorporating real-time notifications and messaging. By using cutting-edge technologies, such as push notifications and WebSockets, our team streamlined effective and quick communication and offered instant updates.

  • User Experience:
  • We created different filters and algorithms to ensure the brokers didn't waste their time scrolling through multiple listings or networking with other brokers. Using different technologies helped our team optimize search results, personalize recommendations, and enable users to seamlessly navigate through relevant listings. Including these features helped in saving time for the brokers and improving the UX.

Business Outcomes
With the app deployed, the client revolutionized how brokers interacted and collaborated in the real estate landscape. The client leveraged the app to streamline communication, improve user experience, and save the time of the app users. Here are the key benefits the client realized once the app was launched in app markets.

  • Improved communication between brokers with in-app chat functionality
  • Enhanced the user experience with the help of intuitive dashboards for both the user groups Saved time of brokers by eliminating the need to coordinate with brokers or check different real estate listings
  • Provided features to the users that helped Increase the efficiency of app users
  • Reduced the transaction cost for brokers by cutting the reliance on third-party brokers
  • Increased the number of paid app users within the first month of the app's launch
Client's Speak
I am happy with how the app works. Everything is streamlined and intuitive - just what I wanted. Plus, the app developers at Flexsin are always ready to help. Much recommended!
Brian Pienciak
Texas, US
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