A Loyalty Program App Helped A Cosmetic Brand Maximize Its Sales

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Client Overview
Since 1979, Sacha Cosmetics has developed makeup products for people of color. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, the client offers a vast array of cosmetics for Caribbean women and other women of color so that they look better outside and feel awesome inside. Through continuous innovation and improvement, the client has built a makeup brand for multicultural women, including African, Asian, Indian, and Hispanic. Successfully epitomizing diversity, the cosmetic brand has all the ingredients to attract new customers, satisfy unmet needs, and improve customer experience by a wide margin.
Business Needs
The brand managed by the client had already established a commanding presence in the cosmetics market. Since the brand has many followers, the client wanted to introduce a loyalty program that would reward all Sacha lovers. However, the client did not know how it could translate its vision of a loyalty program into the real world. After giving much thought to the idea of having a loyalty program, the client zeroed in on having an app that could take its vision to the real world. Some of the key business needs that the client had in mind when it was planning on a loyalty app were as follows.

  • Creating a user-friendly app that would make every purchase of Sacha products rewarding
  • Enabling users to check their VIP points anytime from the app
  • Strengthening the brand presence and increasing sales at speed
  • Improving the overall shopping UX by regularly providing buyers with new offers and deals
Strategy & Solution
The client lacked the expertise in building mobile apps. That is why the client was looking forward to partnering with a trusted mobile app development company. As we had deep expertise in mobile application development and had partnered with the client on many projects, we were the obvious choice. Our team suggested the client go with native mobile app development and create a loyalty program app that would run seamlessly on both iOS and Android.

Our mobile app developers sat down with the business team of the client and brainstormed a huge range of features. Thanks to our expertise in Kotlin development and Swift development, we handled all cross-development work effortlessly. Our mobile application development know-how helped us incorporate new deals, offers, and coupons into the app on the go. Once the app was rolled out, it was geared to improve the bottom line of the business.

User Experience
Our UI team started developing the front-end of the app. The top priority of the team was user-friendliness. Our team used different front-end technologies to build an app that would help reward shoppers for being connected with the cosmetics brand. For that purpose, our front-end developers made sure that the app screens were intuitive and quick to load. It was because giving an impressive UX was the stepping point to winning customer loyalty. Here are some of the key highlights that our team kept in mind while it was building the app.

  • Helping users access Sacha VIP points anytime easily
  • Integrating a store location finder that would help users find a store nearby
  • Enabling app users to share the app with friends and get rewarded
  • Simplifying how users will collect points and redeem them
  • Incorporating a way of earning points whenever someone shops at the store
  • Ensuring that the app would display exclusive promotions and deals regularly

While our front-end team was creating impressive app screens, our backend team was developing a robust architecture and deploying it. Our team used .NET to build the backend from scratch. The idea of using the .NET framework for creating the architecture of the app was simple: to help the admin have a range of functionalities, including:

  • Managing different users
  • Handling multiple store functionalities
  • Creating and upgrading product catalogs
  • Helping manage different coupons
  • Flagging low sales
  • Broadcasting notification to all users
  • Regulating user messaging features
  • Managing the points earned by every user

We started the development process by brainstorming all the key requirements of the app. Once the requirements were finalized, we got our iOS app developers and Android app developers on board. Besides, we engaged our .NET developers so that the backend development was on track. We followed the agile work methodology to accelerate the development process without hampering the quality of the deliverables. Here are some of the key steps that we followed in the development process.

  • Building a wireframe and getting it reviewed by the client
  • Creating intuitive designs of the app screens
  • Starting mobile app development, including backend development, in agile mode
  • Carried out daily stand-ups with the client's business team
  • Implemented changes once the sprints came to a close
Business Outcomes
Once the app was developed and published on leading app marketplaces, the client was ready to reap its benefits. As expected, the app saw a lot of users embracing it from the word go. Moreover, the client was able to see a sharp spike in its sales as the app delivered exclusive deals and offers to loyal Sacha lovers. Here are some of the topmost benefits that the client got once the loyalty app went live.

  • Maximized the user base of the app at speed
  • Enhanced the overall shopping experience for Sacha lovers by adding loyalty into the mix
  • Improved the way new deals and offers could be uncovered and grabbed
  • Increased business sales within a quarter of the app launch
  • Allowed users to collect and redeem points whenever they purchased Sacha cosmetics
Client's Speak
I am delighted with the app development team at Flexsin. The team took a hands-on approach every time and ensured that the delivery times were never extended. Highly recommended!
Shivam Maharaj
Chief Executive Officer
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