Mobile App That Boosted The Patient Satisfaction Rate By 47% And Improved mHealth Outcomes

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Client Overview
As the COVID-19 ravaged the world, patients and doctors switched to virtual care at an unbelievable speed and an incredible scale. mHealth is unlocking doors of opportunities for medical practitioners that are willing to challenge the status quo and usher in business transformation. A leading healthcare player, the client is part of the mHealth transformation. It is delivering virtual care to its patients and steadily growing its practice. The client manages an intuitive telemedicine app that is revolutionizing its practice and enabling it to serve patients better and faster.
Business Needs
The client wanted to redefine its healthcare practice, including consultation. To that end, the client was looking for virtual but accurate care delivery. It wanted to build a robust online bridge between doctors and patients. The client wanted to take concrete steps toward integrating digital into legacy care delivery approaches. Here is an outline of key business needs that the client was looking to fulfill with a technology partner.
  • Accelerating virtual care delivery to patients at the speed and scale they want
  • Enabling medical practitioners to leverage digital to grow their practice
  • Strengthening the relationship between medical practitioners and patients
  • Building a sustainable interaction model between patients and doctors
Strategy & Solution
To meet its business needs, the client was looking for a digital enabling partner. The client's search for such a partner ended with us. We have deep expertise and vast experience in overseeing healthcare projects from start to finish. We have experience across the SDLC from ideation to production and post-production maintenance. Owing to our expertise in handling digital healthcare projects, we suggested building an app that would streamline care delivery and help patients and doctors interact with one another digitally.

Our front-end developers harnessed their expertise in React Native to build an interactive healthcare app from scratch. Our application's front-end framework was built on JavaScript to ensure that its navigation, speed, and intuitiveness were not compromised. Here are some of the key highlights of the font-end of the project.
  • Accelerated the pace of sign-ups for doctors and patients
  • Enabled doctors and patients to interact with one another through audio and video calls
  • Integrated a wallet system to ensure that payments were made seamlessly

To make sure that the experience of end-users was streamlined at all times, we built a robust backend system for the app. Our team of backend developers used Python with Django templates to build a backend framework that could handle peak loads without breaking a sweat. Here are a few highlights of the project's backend system.
  • Ensured that the payment process was streamlined, quick, and safe
  • Used a robust database to make sure that the medical data was stored and organized safely
  • Managed peak loads seamlessly owing to the fact that Python is an incredibly scalable language

Development Process
Our development process rested on a few pre-defined credos, including cost optimization, innovation, risk reduction, and business value creation. Based on these credos, we ensured that the healthcare app was built cost-effectively. The development process kick-started from having multiple brainstorming sessions with the client's business team. These sessions were used for defining key business requirements. We have listed a few highlights of the development process below.
  • Defined project milestones once the business requirements were laid out
  • Built comprehensive roadmaps of accomplishing project milestones
  • Embraced an agile way of working that allowed us to accommodate project requirements on the fly
  • Delivered post-deployment tech support to the client as and when required

Business Outcomes
Once the app was published, the client was able to digitally transform the engagement between doctors and patients at an incredible scale and speed. The app even empowered the client to uncover growth opportunities by delivering digital care in times of the pandemic. When the app was launched, the client was able to attract more patients and doctors and elevate the user satisfaction rate. The following are some of the key benefits that the client reaped once the app went live.
  • Lifted the medical user satisfaction rate by 47%
  • Secured healthcare and medical data of patients
  • Racked up over 100 users within a week of the app's launch
  • Improved care delivery and resolved health issues swiftly
  • Simplified how patients and doctors interact and engage
Client's Speak
The app developers from Flexsin became an extension of our development team and empowered us to define and shape our vision of digital healthcare into an intuitive app.
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