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Client Overview
Debatr - an app that helps people get the pros and cons of any debate topic. The app has been published on leading app marketplaces - App Store and Google Play. With the help of this app, the client has helped many users all over the world understand the advantages and disadvantages of different debate topics. This knowledge helps the users make an informed decision regarding the topic that they have searched for. All in all, this app has become the one-stop destination for knowing every facet of any interesting topic.
Business Needs
To satisfy the interest of debaters, the client wanted to build an app that could run on iOS and Android platforms. They wanted an app that shared the merits and demerits of any debate topic intuitively and swiftly. However, they lacked the expertise in app development and in publishing. The needs that motivated them to start an engagement with an app development company were:

  • Building an intuitive mobile app that could list the merits and demerits of debate topics
  • Creating the app's user interface
  • Improving the outcome at large and making debates more informative
  • Developing an app that is easy to use, quick to install, and does not face lags
Strategy & Solution
After multiple discussions, the client partnered with our app development team. Our dedicated app developers initiated brainstorming sessions with the client's technology team. These sessions helped our team understand the scope of work and decide the technological foundation of the app. During the initial discussions, our team understood that the app required to show a heavy amount of information - the pros and cons of debate topics. That is why our team selected a hybrid framework. And that is how Flutter entered the discussions.

A small development task force was deployed to assess different cross-platform development ecosystems, including Flutter. As Flutter was not mature enough, many members of our team were reluctant to use it. However, our team designed multiple proof-of-concepts (PoCs) on different cross-development frameworks to test their viability. That was when our team finalized Flutter; it was because the PoC made on this UI development framework delivered an immersive user experience. Moreover, Flutter also came with promising features that help create better user experience for content-heavy apps. As a result, the development team recommended Flutter to the client.

User Experience
The fundamentals of the app were clear; our team had to develop an app that made the search for a debate topic easier, faster, and more intuitive. The app would also help the debaters discover the pros and cons of every topic on the app's database. We built the app screens using Flutter as the PoC designed on this framework was intuitive and managed content-heavy layouts easily. Some of the highlights of the app's UI are mentioned below.

  • Built app screens that were intuitive and fast to load
  • Streamlined how the topics were searched on the app
  • Accelerated and maintained the pace at which the results were shown to the users

Our team built a hybrid education and e-learning app on a Flutter SDK, which did not require any backend support. After discussing among themselves, Flutter developers suggested the client integrate Hugging Face API into the codebase of the app. Hugging Face relies on machine learning to improve search outcomes. Moreover, our team gave the functionality of saving the searches just in case a user wants to revisit them. Our Flutter app developers added the app functionality of viewing saved searches even without the internet.

  • Integrated Hugging Face API to speed up search outcomes
  • Saved time and backend development efforts because the team used Flutter
  • Enabled the users to save searches and view them without an active data or Wi-Fi connection

Development Process
Our team used the agile development methodology to build and execute the hybrid app. By following this development methodology, we handled additional requests from the client that were not part of the deliverables. Besides, the highlights of our flexible development framework are mentioned below.

  • Brainstormed the scope of the project and the number of deliverables required
  • Onboarded a UI designer and Flutter developer and shared the project's knowledge
  • Ensured that the velocity of feature development never slowed down or faced downtimes
  • Held daily stand-ups with the client and demoed the app weekly to gather feedback
  • Got the app published in leading app marketplaces on time
  • Delivered post-development support whenever it was required

Business Outcomes
Once the app was developed and published on App Store and Google Play, the client was happy with the final outcome. The app helped the client fulfill the learning needs of many debaters who were interested in understanding different aspects of a subject. Here are some of the benefits that the client reaped when the app was launched.

  • Simplified how the debating topics and their pros and cons were searched
  • Reduced the time to get results for a topic because of the app's AI capabilities
  • Strengthened the data privacy and user security because of Flutter's built-in features
  • Improved the learning outcomes of many people who were interested in knowing about the pros and cons of a debate topic
Client's Speak
Thanks to Flutter and UI developers at Flexsin, I was able to own an app that helps advance the knowledge of learners. The best part is that the app has a single codebase, which means less maintenance. Also, the team is reliable and helped take my vision from paper to an app marketplace in no time. Highly recommended!
Sheetanshu Pandey
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