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Unlock our enterprise integration capabilities to help your organization respond to changes quickly. Our specialists integrate enterprise applications, public and private clouds, data, devices, and processes across IT landscapes.
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Our holistic enterprise integration solutions help businesses solve integration challenges. We consolidate application and data integration disciplines into a robust governance model. Our enterprise integration expertise lies in API management, enterprise service bus, application data integration, and IoT.
  • Integration Strategy

    Integration Strategy

    We analyze a business's integration needs by understanding its goals and requirements and then build an execution strategy.
  • Design And Implementation

    Design And Implementation

    We help businesses code, configure, and develop middleware that simplifies connectivity among backend data sources and applications.
  • API Management

    API Management

    Our team enables businesses to build their API strategy so that they design, deploy, document, and monitor APIs in a secure ecosystem.
  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    We offer top-down and bottom-up testing of your enterprise integration project to ensure quality is maintained from start to finish.
  • Integration Strategy

    We analyze a business's integration needs by understanding its goals and requirements and then build an execution strategy.

    Design And Implementation

    We help businesses code, configure, and develop middleware that simplifies connectivity among backend data sources and applications.
  • API Management

    Our team enables businesses to build their API strategy so that they design, deploy, document, and monitor APIs in a secure ecosystem.

    Managed Services

    Get flexible managed service models to support and optimize any enterprise integration landscape seamlessly with no downtime.

Our Enterprise Integration Expertise

Our team has experience in managing different enterprise integration projects, depending on a business's requirements. We execute various org-wide integrations to help businesses unlock transformational benefits.
  • Application Integration

    Application Integration

    Our enterprise application integration services optimize business data and processes to deliver real-time insights and visibility.
  • Data Integration

    Data Integration

    Apart from enterprise system integration, we offer data integration to unify structured data that is originally located in siloes.
  • Cloud Integration

    Cloud Integration

    Businesses choose our cloud integration expertise to make their private and public clouds part of their robust IT infrastructures.
  • API Integration

    API Integration

    As part of our enterprise applications services, API integration connects two or more business applications through their APIs.
  • Platform Integration

    Platform Integration

    We use enterprise integration platforms to build integration flows for connecting and governing many data sources, systems, and apps.
  • Process Integration

    Process Integration

    Our team uses process integration to optimize different processes and workflows that span across IT systems and applications.

Enterprise Integration Tools

Use our expertise-backed experience in working with different integrations tools that help connect disparate platforms - ERP systems, CRM modules, APIs, data analytics models, and applications.
  • WoAzurerdPress
  • Twilio
  • MuleSoft
  • Informatica
  • WSO2
  • WebMethods
  • Jitterbit

Enterprise Integration Technology Enablers

We use different enablers to help businesses execute enterprise integration projects. Using these technologies empowers us to manage any enterprise integration management task seamlessly.
  • IaaS


    Unlocking IaaS is an internet-enabled computer infrastructure that produces instant results and is provisioned online.
  • EiPaaS


    With EiPaaS, we combine integration technologies that are used as services to manage enterprise integration projects.
  • iPaaS


    iPaaS supports different integration scenarios - data, applications, and service-oriented architectures (SOAs).
  • Data Streams

    Data Streams

    Using this enabler helps in building a strong flow of information that enterprise applications can easily consume or add.
  • Application Connectors

    Application Connectors

    Integrating new endpoints is simpler and faster with application connectors. These connectors standardize how elements interact.
  • Application Programming Interfaces

    Application Programming Interfaces

    Enterprise application integration systems use APIs to let products/services speak with other systems without complexities.

Enterprise Integration Benefits

Businesses use different enterprise integration services, such as enterprise application integration patterns, to reap massive rewards. We design enterprise application integration systems to help businesses get many benefits.
Enterprise Integration Benefits

Why Flexsin?

Businesses choose us as their preferred enterprise integration partner because of multiple factors. Our USPs, as an enterprise integration company, help businesses streamline information flow and make data-driven decisions.
  • Deep Expertise

    Deep Expertise

    We have the capabilities to help integrate core apps, datasets, and systems across a business's technology landscape.
  • Technical Skills

    Technical Skills

    We use the latest integration technologies - APIs, microservices, cloud-based integration platforms, etc. - to improve outcomes.
  • Project Delivery

    Project Delivery

    Our team makes sure that integration projects are fulfilled as per the defined SLAs so that business continuity is maintained.
Case Studies
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Travel and Hospitality
A Travel Web Portal Created On WordPress With Zoho CRM Helped In Capturing Free Quotes And Automating Lead Management
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Retail & eCommerce
A Shopify Store With Zoho CRM Automated Lead Management And Maximized Digital Presence For An Australian Retailer
A strong digital presence and proper lead management were two priorities for the client. The client only had a physical store ...
Salesforce Sales Cloud Automation Helped A Mentorship Platform Improve Learning Outcomes
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Retail & eCommerce
A Metaverse-Powered Virtual Store On Ethereum Delivers Stunning And Secure Shopping Experiences
The client required a team of metaverse developers to help realize the vision of creating a metaverse supermart. Being a superstore ...
Education & Non-Profit
A MEAN-Powered Web Application Enabled Nursing Institutes To Find Right Candidates
The client required a web portal that would allow nursing institutions and students to collaborate and streamline the admission ...
Real Estate
A Real Estate Decentralized App Built On Binance Smart Chain Transforms Properties Into Digital Shares
Being a seasoned real estate investor and agent, the client wanted to build a robust blockchain-enabled web application where ...
Travel and Hospitality
A Travel DApp On The Ethereum Blockchain Made Accommodation-Booking Securer And Faster
The client had an idea of having a web application that would enable its users-cum-travelers to search hotels based on their availability ...
A Metaverse Marketplace That Made Crypto And NFT Trading Secure And Immersive
The client had a lucrative idea of building a robust metaverse marketplace. However, metaverse development is a new thing and ...
Rigorous ERP Software Testing And QA Checks Maximized Performance For A Technology Company
The ERP software of the client had diverse functionalities, with newer features being added time and again. Owing to that reason, ...
Retail & eCommerce
Sacha VIP - A Loyalty Program App Helped A Cosmetic Brand Maximize Its Sales
The brand managed by the client had already established a commanding presence in the cosmetics market. Since the brand has many ...
Media & Entertainment
Eponies: Data-Tracking App That Helped An American Equestrian Performance Sporting Business
The client already had a website that enjoyed massive patronage. However, now, the client wanted to enter the mobile app scene ...
Education & Non-Profit
Debatr - AI Enabled Hybrid Mobile App to Get Pros and Cons Information of Any Debate Topic
To satisfy the interest of debaters, the client wanted to build an app that could run on iOS and Android platforms. They wanted ...
Healthcare & Life Science
Clinikio: Online Doctor Consultations & Appointments Mobile App
The client wanted to redefine its healthcare practice, including consultation. To that end, the client was looking for virtual ...
Media & Entertainment
Crowdit :Mobile App That Helped Sports Fans Share Their Favorite Moments And Reactions
The client wanted to build an app that could be fans of different games, such as baseball, basketball and soccer. The client also ...
Finance & Banking
Overcoming The Shortcomings Of Traditional Payments With Cashless Transactions
Client was looking for custom digital wallet development services aiming to provide cashless payment solutions for both business ...
Media & Entertainment
Online Dating App With Audio-Video Calling And Private Chatting
The app is an innovative chat-to-meet people dating platform that allows you to connect with the likeminded people who are looking ...
Media & Entertainment
Specialized application for enthusiasts to discuss sports and related updates
The client wanted to develop a platform exclusively for sports enthusiasts wherein they can discuss everything related to games ...
Mobile App Modernization That Re-Envisioned Customer Engagement For Energy Industry
The client had an enterprise-level payment application on iOS and Android that lacked a human-centric appeal. To keep pace with ...
Education & Non-Profit
Improving User Engagement with an Intuitive Education App
The client wanted to leverage new technological solutions for improving the quality of interactions happening among students, ...


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