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Innovative Technologies That Take Web Portal Development A Step Further

Evolving web technologies and upcoming development frameworks have made this year look extremely pro...
Published: 31 May 2017
Category: Advanced Web Development
Home Blog Innovative Technologies That Take Web Portal Development A Step Further

Evolving web technologies and upcoming development frameworks have made this year look extremely promising for developing high-end web portals. Most businesses along with their technical leads and developers analyze these technologies, tools, and frameworks to create powerful portals that adapt with the changing times and technologies.

First was the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) that became the most essential element to build portals and websites. Nevertheless, the times have changed the general internet market, and there is a visible shift seen from static web-based HTML-coded locales to highly dynamic web properties. These sophisticated, dynamic websites and portals are developed using a number of various platforms.

In this post, there is an in-depth analysis of all the leading web-development platforms that have revolutionized the way web properties are developed and deployed.

AngularJS Unleashes The Power Of Web Development

When it is about bringing raw power to any portal development project, pick AngularJS. Being a favorite for many leading web development companies and developers, AngularJS has been upgraded with the release of Angular 2, which is still waiting to rise to fame-just like its predecessor. AngularJS comes with a number of benefits, such as:

  • This framework uses enhanced design architecture.
  • The project development becomes streamlined.
  • AngularJS comes with a range of powerful plug-and-play components.
  • Here, the data models are simplified.
  • Because of its optimized architecture, this framework is less dependent on a server.

Build Quick With PHPCake

The go-to choice for building complex web properties, such as websites, portals, and logos, remains PHPCake. This framework is apt to develop, deploy, and analyze any large-scale web property because here the development is swift. Because it is an open-source framework, which is written in PHP, PHPCake uses a simplified design pattern that makes coding clear and simple. Here are few benefits of this web development framework.

  • Here, project development is flexible and quick.
  • When it comes to security, this platform is matchless.
  • The framework follows a simplified architecture.
  • Coding efforts are brought down considerably.

PHP Enriches The Development Experience

With this specific PHP framework, developers and webmasters will blend HTML coding with input/ output instructions and database applications. Used for web portal development, this technology is the foundation for some of the most scalable frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend, and CodeIgniter. Now, here are a couple of benefits of this portal development technology.

  • Coding is lightweight, secure, and sharp.
  • Complex coding becomes simplified.
  • Project completion takes less time.
  • Thanks to MVC, codes become fully optimized.
  • This technology supports different database connections, such as MySQL, SQL, ODBC, and Oracle

Reimagine Web Development Through Python

Being one of the most commonly used programming languages, Python emphasizes efficiency and readability when it is compared with other languages such as C++, PHP, and Java. The language is used since 1980s, and that is why it symbolizes Python’s reliability and stability. Here is a quick look at its benefits.

  • The web technological framework has a simplified structure that is easy to understand and analyze.
  • The language relies on object-oriented principles that are highly compatible with other languages such as JavaScript, Perl, C#, and Ruby.
  • The framework is known for producing clear codes that are simple deploy and maintain.

Build A Legacy Of Web Excellence On .NET Framework

Used generally for developing Microsoft SharePoint and web-based applications, this platform is one of the most powerful developers of Windows-based enterprise solutions. So if a business needs to do enterprise portal development, pick an exceptional framework for building scalable web solutions. A few notable advantages that the .NET framework brings to the development table are given below.

  • Web apps, which are developed using ASP.NET, are secured because they have Windows configuration and confirmation.
  • ┬áHere, the code maintainability becomes simpler than ever because the source code and HTML code are separate.
  • .NET provides easy access to server controls and other related blueprints.

So if a business is interested in leveraging any of these technologies to develop a robust web property for the Internet or the app landscape, then get in touch with a reliable web developer. A credible web development company has rich domain expertise to take web development ideas from papers to the real world.


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