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Here are the top trends to look for while developing web portals

The last decade saw a lot of web development tweaks and major updates. Because of these updates and ...
Published: 14 Dec 2016
Category: Advanced Web Development
Home Blog Here are the top trends to look for while developing web portals

Web portal development

The last decade saw a lot of web development tweaks and major updates. Because of these updates and tweaks, web development, today, has become the most powerful platform to promote businesses. The last decade even saw the attention of the web moving toward portals. But while developing such a portal, there are a few trends that have to be understood and implemented. So here are the trends that are driving web portal development today.

UXP—the rise

Different web portals use UXP that transforms the traditional software. The USP of UXP is that it lends any portal simplicity and immense integrated capabilities. With the help of UXP, a website can focus on providing quality user experience through using different web technologies, such as Rest and Widgets, which bring down the implementation time.

Leaner and faster Portals

There is one more popular trend that’s associated with the portal’s nature; now, the portals have become leaner, lighter, and faster than ever. Few years ago, Gartner proposed the idea that any portal has to be lean. And from there only, web portal development started taking the lean methodology seriously. Further, every traditional portal is known for flowing over the budget and deadlines as well. These lightweight portals are easy to use because they adopt several lean technologies such as AJAX and other SOA approaches. Many portals mix campaign management and content management to deliver lean solutions.

Integrating with IT becomes easier and better

The relationship between partners and their businesses is evolving as consumers have access to a range of online channels. One key online channel is the web portal that has made the interaction between a business and its customers simpler and more streamlined than before. Due to a range of IT capabilities, a portal can successfully contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and building brand loyalty. By blending different IT strategies, a portal’s pages can even be optimized without going into the nitty-gritty of coding.

Marketing that is digital in its approach

Thanks to the high use of online applications, the portal has indeed become a strategic platform to create high-end customer applications. Because of this, digital marketers are searching for a number of ways to improve sales results, generate quality leads, and implement a variety of marketing techniques. With the digital edge, a portal evolves along with the expectations of its customers. Today’s digital world drives enterprise portal solutions to have capabilities such as channel optimization, targeting, and advanced analytics.

So every business has to take note of each of the three factors to develop a portal that not only meets but exceeds the demand of today’s world that is defined by digital and technological competitiveness. If, however, a business plans to build such a portal, it should completely rely on the vision, expertise, and experience of a reliable web portal development company that has successfully delivered portals for different verticals.


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