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Empower the next generation of enterprise-class web ecosystems to become efficient, scalable,
robust, and swift by leveraging MEAN stack's dynamic JavaScript technologies.
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Delivering feature-rich web solutions for multiple business verticals, we are a full-stack MEAN development company. Our expertise in working with MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js has enabled us to deliver complex web projects, including enterprise portals, intuitive apps, and scalable APIs.
  • MongoDB


    A document-based database giving a scalable foundation to mobile and web apps, MongoDB's dynamic schema transforms app development.
  • ExpressJs


    From cloud-native applications to web projects, Express.js offers multiple features for building and deploying interactive hybrid apps.
  • AngularJs


    A client-side JavaScript framework, AngularJS has special data binding features that unify MVC capabilities with front-end development.
  • NodeJs


    A robust server framework, Node.js is the backbone of full-stack MEAN development for building apps that are more scalable and faster.
  • MongoDB

    A document-based database giving a scalable foundation to mobile and web apps, MongoDB's dynamic schema transforms app development.


    From cloud-native applications to web projects, Express.js offers multiple features for building and deploying interactive hybrid apps.
  • AngularJs

    A client-side JavaScript framework, AngularJS has special data binding features that unify MVC capabilities with front-end development.


    A robust server framework, Node.js is the backbone of full-stack MEAN development for building apps that are more scalable and faster.

MEAN Stack Competencies

  • Accelerated Web Development

    The framework leverages only JavaScript for all its tiers making MEAN web development faster, easier, and more scalable.
  • Cloud Compatible

    MongoDB in MEAN comes with the built-in functionality to host a variety of web apps on the cloud with no downtime.
  • Improved Flexibility

    MEAN stack's components are highly agile making them fully compliant for developing a huge range of web solutions.
  • Code Interoperability

    The JavaScript code written on the MEAN framework can be reused and interoperated with different development ecosystems.
  • Open Source

    An open source web development ecosystem, full-stack MEAN development uses public libraries and repositories available online.
  • High Reusability

    Owning to the non-blocking architecture, Node.js in MEAN brings reusability, ease of maintenance, and testability.

Core Vertical Expertise in MEAN

Owing to its flexibility, agility, and consistent use of one language in all tiers, MEAN has become the go-to framework for different verticals planning to build cloud-ready web solutions at scale without compromising security. We have deployed our MEAN expertise in different verticals.
Ecommerce & Retail
From integrating payment gateways to enhancing an e-commerce web solution's usability with social logins, we unlock MEAN expertise to power the next generation of shopping web solutions.
Hospitality & Travel
Improve the web experience for many hospitality and travel players by leveraging MEAN stack expertise. We have delivered a range of hospitality and travel web projects.
Pharmaceuticals & Health
Leverage an end-to-end MEAN development ecosystem for building interactive pharmaceutical & health web projects that boost user engagement and improve an enterprise's digital presence.
Real Estate
Deploy interactive web solutions such as enterprise-class applications and immersive websites by capitalizing on our years of experience in building real estate web properties with MEAN.
Education & Elearning
Boost elearning and education web development initiatives with our rich experience in leveraging a full-stack MEAN JavaScript framework that is deployed at scale.
Build fintech web APIs on MEAN for streamlining business processes related to banking and finance sectors. Our complete MEAN stack solutions enable us to build BFSI-ready web solutions.

Our MEAN Stack Capabilities

Leveraging full-stack MEAN development expertise in building dynamic web solutions, we deliver flexibility, scalability, and security in web development initiatives. Be it code interoperability or building dynamic web projects, our experience and expertise reinvent web development.
  • Web App Development

    Web App Development

    Boost web app development projects to the next level of scalability with our deep MEAN expertise that streamlines web production pipeline and reduces the development time.
  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    Build optimized, dynamic, and secure mobile apps that can be SPAs (single page applications) or an end-to-end complex ecosystem by leveraging the full-stack JavaScript ecosystem.
  • ERP Development

    ERP Development

    Transform the way full-scale, enterprise-ready, scalable ERP web solutions are developed and deployed by leveraging lightweight and fast JavaScript-enabled MEAN stack framework.
  • CMS Development

    CMS Development

    Develop a robust CMS by leveraging full-stack MEAN development to build and deliver an end-to-end backend solution that seamlessly performs CRUD functions at scale.
  • API Development & Integration

    API Development & Integration

    Create feature-loaded APIs on MEAN and integrate them into existing web ecosystems. The third-party apps developed on MEAN stack bring speed and agility to web projects.
  • MEAN Stack Migration

    MEAN Stack Migration

    Carry out end-to-end migration initiatives from legacy web frameworks to open source full-stack MEAN by using JavaScript tools without compromising on data security and integrity.

What Makes Flexsin Your MEAN Stack Development Partner?

Leverage deep domain capabilities of our MEAN stack development team for building scalable, fast and innovative web projects that drive value and digital excellence to the next level.
  • Technical Expertise

    Technical Expertise

    Leverage deep MEAN Stack development capabilities in building and deploying highly innovative, scalable web solutions.
  • Full-Cycle Services

    Full-Cycle Services

    From consultation to designing and deployment, our full-stack MEAN development team delivers interactive websites and web apps at scale.
  • Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team

    Empower enterprises to unlock the potential of a dedicated MEAN stack development team by giving complete control over deliverables and timelines.
  • Security & Confidentiality

    Security & Confidentiality

    As securing enterprise identity and maintaining confidentiality are top priorities, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client.
  • Flexible Time Preference

    Flexible Time Preference

    From tracking project deadlines to analyzing work-in-progress reports, we empower businesses to connect with us easily according to their time zones.
  • Free Consultation

    Free Consultation

    Businesses get consultation solutions from MEAN experts to deliver result-oriented solutions depending on user requirements.

Engagement and Hiring Models For MEAN Developers

A team of dedicated MEAN stack developers empowers enterprises to deliver transformative solutions that boost productivity and add high value to the most complex web ecosystems at scale anytime, anyplace.
  • Fixed Cost

    Fixed Cost

    The cost of the project will be fixed depending on the scope of the deliverables and other development requirements shared.
  • Time & Material

    Time & Material

    Having the right engagement models, we enable businesses to release funds for only those resources that they use in real time.
  • Offshore Development Center

    Offshore Development Center

    We have established robust offshore development centers for accelerating the deployment of web projects.
Facts At A Glance
Flexsin enables enterprises to energize their digital core and navigate the next more confidently and fast and build next-gen innovation capabilities.
  • 10+ Successful Years
  • 350+ Agile Enabled Resources
  • 2500+ Projects Delivered
  • 5+ Global Locations
  • 15+ Countries Covered
  • 85% Repeat & Referrals
  • Processes CMMI Standards
  • DevOps We Deliver Value
  • Engagement Customer First
Peter Edyvean Director Aussie Digital Pty Ltd Australia

Communicating clearly from the start, Flexsin's expert team inspires confidence throughout the project. Efficiency and quality are hallmarks of their work. Their ability to keep the project moving and their can-do attitude make them a valuable partner. They brought toge ....

Juerg Suter CEO Oro Clean Chemie AG Switzerland

I have been working with Flexsin now for more than 6 year and I am extremely pleased with their performance. I can confidently say that they are my personal favourite. They sent me detailed quotation with project structure and competitive pricing that was great. We felt ....

Everton Stewart Sr. Manager IT Cayman Airways Ltd. Cayman Islands

Flexsin's automation software solution has made our dormant, unmanaged data sets the biggest enterprise assets. The development team enabled us to harness the real power of AI and data for improving journeys. Other than that, the engagement helped us free up our human r ....

Michael Johnson Founder & CEO Enroll My Group Inc. United States

We wanted to make the management of employee benefits programs as frictionless as possible. For that, we chose Flexsin as our strategic partner for bringing top-level automation in its employee benefit programs more securely and confidently. We are satisfied with the qu ....

Brett Milne Co-Founder Karit Ltd. Australia

Fantastic experience! Flexsin has an amazing team of professionals with very up-to-date knowledge of the latest tech that readily met all our requests for change and did everything I asked for. You guys made things so simple, my new application is so much faster and bri ....

Shivam Maharaj CEO Sacha Cosmetics Trinidad And Tobago

I would, without fear of contradiction, wholly recommend Flexsin and their entire team for your upcoming app project. My company and its respective teams have been working over the last three years with Flexsin on several apps, and we have found the team to be professio ....

Jeffrey Greene Product Owner World Learning, Inc. United States

Flexsin has been very helpful in filling in while our dev team was short-staffed. They were able to step in and help move our salesforce implementation, migration, and customization projects forward and assist with the maintenance of our portals. ....

Joe Sullivan Director of Technology Crimson Wine Group USA

Flexsin has been an excellent partner. They've been very responsive and patient with us as we work to develop our SharePoint requirements. Flexsin has a solid understanding of Microsoft SharePoint and PowerApps platform and can be relied on to build a sustainable soluti ....

Brian Fisher Founder Qualitas Flash Drives PVT United States

We have used Flexsin for several years now. We are satisfied with the work and were particularly pleased with the latest work. They made a good suggestion to create an automatic data upload for our pricing database that worked out very well and has saved us a good deal ....

Stuart Harris Director Harris Billings Attorneys South Africa

Flexsin did a fantastic job for us on the first phase of this project - Document Management System. We score them 5 out of 5 on every element of the job and would recommend them highly. We have already appointed them for the second phase. They are a pleasure to work wit ....

David Donnelly Sales Director Digitcom Canada Inc. Canada

Costs, conversions, and cost per conversion have all improved by at least 50%. Flexsin Inc. is dedicated to producing within deadlines, and is always clear in their communication. They skillfully manage a significant time difference and provide professional, smooth proj ....

Regina D. Braggs CEO Applause Network TV INC. United States

I searched and searched for a web developer that I could trust to deliver to my expectations and had excellent communications skills so that I could learn more about the technology of my website. Flexsin came along and I am sure the rest will be history. He is masterful ....

Glenn Dickstein CEO Neighborhood Trainers LLC. United States

I am very pleased to have connected with the team at Flexsin. They have been extremely professional throughout the entire project. Their communication is top notch. They are a full service outfit, they were able to take on a few extra projects for me when my original de ....

Dejan S. Vojnovic Founder Restsearch Ltd. United States

Working with Flexsin has been the perfect relationship, costs are always as promised, the work process is always fluid and moving forward. Flexsin has continued to satisfy our every request, you can't ask for more in a relationship for website design, feel free to conta ....

Erik Fleming CEO Diverse Optics Inc. United States

The Flexsin team did an excellent job revamping our SEO unfriendly website into a modern more user friendly site that will achieve our SEO goals. Their addition of wordpress to our site will make it simple for us to manage content without having to be an html pro. Thank ....

Case Studies
Discover our growing portfolio of digital products and technology solutions that accelerate business transformation for global enterprises and SMBs from different verticals.
Enabled A Technology Major To Build A Network Of Blockchains On Hyperledger Fabric And Reduce The Dev Time By 34 Resource-Hours
The client aimed to empower small businesses to transform into robust online entities. Additionally, the client also aimed to ...
Education & Non-Profit
MEAN-Powered Custom Web Application Development Improved Content Monetization Capabilities Of A US-Based Market Research Player
From the start, the client wanted to build a robust platform that would provide knowledge, insights, and analyses to anyone interested ...
Finance & Banking
Built An E-Wallet App With IdentityMind KYC Payliance APIs For A Cryptocurrency Business
The client had the vision to streamline money-transfers happening across the world. It wanted people to work with a robust money-transferring ...
Finance & Banking
Implemented A Cryptocurrency Exchange Using Alpaca For A Fintech Business
The client wanted to build an end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange and stock investment platform. This platform was planned to help ...
Finance & Banking
Streamlined Interaction Among Smart Contracts With Web3.js For An Investment Business
Being a digital leader in offering blockchain-based assets, the client was looking to build an end-to-end solution for tokenization. ...
Finance & Banking
Built A B2B Supply Chain Management System On Hyperledger Fabric For A Lease Management Company
The client needed a robust blockchain platform that would streamline corporate data sharing and ensure its privacy. The primary ...
Media & Entertainment
Developed A MEAN-Powered Social Proof Notification Tool To Check The Number Of Site Visitors
In a bid to offer live updates to its site visitors, the client wanted a robust web solution that can deliver real-time notifications ...
Built A Robust Online Wedding Planner Platform To Streamline Planning For The Special Days
Wanting to partner with leading software development professionals, the client wanted to build, design, and deploy a user-friendly ...
Retail & eCommerce
Created An Online Stone Marketplace For Homeowners And Fabricators In The US
The client wanted to offer a fully functional online platform for homeowners to make a choice of their stone and connect the fabricators ...
Media & Entertainment
Built A Multilingual Social Network That Drove Collaboration Among People From Different Geographies
To accelerate its business growth and enable more people to connect with each other, the client wanted to design, develop, and ...
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