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House Buyers of America is a residential real estate investment company headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia. The company offers a guaranteed, fast and hassle-free sale to people who want to sell their house without paying a 6% real estate commission. House Buyers of America buys each property
  • Time Duration 06 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The Client was looking for software development professionals for the design and development of a user-friendly, responsive web portal for people who want to sell their house, which can offer

  • Elegant UI along with easy accessibility anytime, anywhere
  • Simple and fast property selling offer over the phone
  • Hassle free selling of a home by offering a quick, convenient sale
The web portal has been crafted to offer a seamless user experience and allows managing all the things on the single platform. The portal supports incremental assembling in an improved way. Our designing team put their best efforts to build a highly feature-rich, interactive platform with unique design as per the client expectations.

Our dedicated front-end developers and designers build an interactive web design with a unique and feature-rich platform as per the client expectations. The front-end of the web portal seamlessly allows the sellers to sell their house stress-free without ever hiring an agent. It offers functionalities as per the set objectives of the client, such as:

  • A user can easily fill out the online form
  • Easy to schedule a home visit to review details.
  • No need of costly, time-consuming renovations
  • Buyers can save thousands - avoid commissions and fees
  • CallRail app allowed delivering the functionalities to the client through whom they can know what ads, pages, and keywords drive inbound phone calls
  • In order to start the selling process, a user can find the phone number on the home page

Backend Our experienced AngularJS framework team worked on the project that combines dependency injection, declarative templates, end-to-end tooling and integrates best practices to solve development challenges. It comes with the ability to decide when the validity and value of field or form are updated via on Blur or on Submit, instead of every input event. With proper planning, frame applicable online strategies we were able to develop a robust, simple, fast and easily accessible platform which committed to:

  • Protect and maintain the privacy of users personal information
  • Safe and secure payment gateway for the automation of the payment process
  • Offer AWS managed database services
  • Fully customizable web portal with a highly organized administrative panel to manage users, categories, blogs, pages and reviews with various types of reports.
  • Audit log section was included which enable the admin to review the activities.

Development Process We used an agile software development process during the developmental phase of the project under which requirements and solutions evolved through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their context. We follow the procedure for the development of the web portal

  • Analysis of the client objective
  • Using the information gathered from the requirement analysis phase, we put together a plan for the development of web portal like technology, CMS integration, integration of CallRail API - method to programmatically access and modify the data, implementation and integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM API to generate online leads from the portal, and making all pages dynamic with a user friendly admin and ensuring their responsiveness. Implementation of Melissa data - instant free address check tool and payment gateways among others
  • Web designer created one or more prototype designs for the portal. We closely worked with the designer, exchange ideas, until we arrived at the final design for the web portal
  • Our dedicated front-end and backend developers complete the functionality of forms or other scripts, as well last testing for last minute compatibility issues

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Thanks for the timely head start of the project. Flexsin always had multiple communication channels ..
Nick Ron
Washington D.C.
As a result of our best efforts, we were able to develop a robust and easy to use property selling online platform with unique features for sellers and buyers. We were able to deal with each of these challenges and delivered the project with all the perfection within the desired time period. The platform is controlled by a highly organized administrator panel which allows

  • To manage users, categories, blogs, pages, and reviews with various types of reports.
  • Audit log section was included to enable the Admin to review the activities.
  • Stress-free and simple - home selling process
  • No hassles of renovating, hiring agents, and showing users property.
  • Fast selling - flexible schedule
  • Selling process close with certainty - no finance contingencies or home inspection items to fix.
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