A MEAN-Powered Web Application Enabled Nursing Institutes To Find Right Candidates

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Client Overview
A leading nursing education solutions provider needed a digital portal that would empower institutes and students to simplify and speed up admission processes. For over 20 years, the client offers digital solutions that help nursing schools transform their assessment procedures. We used the MEAN stack to build a robust web application with built-in assessment capabilities, which is trusted by nursing institutes and their prospective students worldwide.
Business Needs
The client required a web portal that would allow nursing institutions and students to collaborate and streamline the admission process. This portal would also be required to keep tabs on different student activities, including test results. In simple words, the client had in mind different functionalities the portal should perform. To that end, the client wanted to associate with a portal development partner. Some of the business needs the client had in mind are mentioned below.

  • Letting the educational Institutes signed up on the portal create programs
  • Allowing the institutes to import or add a student to their programs
  • Enabling the institutes to keep track of multiple student activities, such as test results
  • Helping students schedule their assessments on time
  • Empowering the students to generate a graphical result of the assessments they had taken
Strategy & Solution
The client commissioned our team of enterprise portal development specialists. We analyzed the project requirements and understood which of our expertise will help us accelerate the portal development for the client. After detailed internal discussions, we finalized building this web application with the help of our MEAN technology expertise. In the first phase of the engagement, an MVP was developed for the web application. This MVP helped us make sure that the solution was working as intended. As the web application required a large amount of data processing to be done in the background, our team suggested testing it using fake data. Here are the highlights of the project's frontend and backend.


Our frontend development team worked in close coordination with the client to understand the details of the application's interface. As we were developing this web application using the MEAN stack, we used our in-depth design and frontend development capabilities in the React.js language. Here are the top highlights of the project's frontend.

  • Enabled the users to give two logins -- one for students and the other for educators
  • Let the educators create programs and import pupils through CSV/XLS
  • Notified the students through emails for scheduling their assessments
  • Allowed the educators to move applicants/students to multiple stages during the post- and pre-admission phases
  • Empowered the educators to view the results of student assessments and analyze the steps ahead


The web application required to have a robust backend. As we are a full-stack web development company, we had backend developers who had years of experience working with different servers, applications, and databases. Our web application developers used its MEAN stack development capabilities to build a secure backend for the portal. Here are the key backend highlights of the project.

  • Allowed the admin to set up accounts for educators
  • Notified the educators about their login credentials by sending an email to their registered address
  • Enabled the admin to manage Cohorts, Students, Applicants, Accounts, and Programs
  • Let the admin perform bulk actions to delete, update, or add information into applications
  • Provided the application with a wide range of reporting functions
  • Used the Heroku cloud for hosting the web application
  • Streamlined the assessments processing by integrating the Corvirtus API
  • Used MongoDB Atlas to store the application's data
  • Encrypted and authenticated links between different networked computers with the help of SSL

Development Process

We closely followed the agile methodology while the project development work was underway. Besides, we relied heavily on the scrum framework for improving project execution outcomes. Moreover, we set up the average sprint execution time to nearly two weeks. Because we were particular about following development and deployment best practices during the course of the project, we ensured that scrum ceremonies were planned and executed on time. Here is a step-by-step approach we followed for developing and deploying the project.

  • Gathered different project requirements during the discovery phase
  • Established different milestones for development, deployment, and delivery
  • Set up a team that included MEAN developers, testers, a project coordinator, and a scrum master
  • Performed stand-ups every day to check whether the project execution was on track and also to get rid of any execution roadblocks
  • Tested every deliverable against a variety of quality parameters before sending it to the client
Business Outcomes
For us, the biggest victory was delivering the web application on time. That way, a number of users - educationists and students - were able to use the application and use its multiple features to secure admissions to the nursing school of their choice. Here are some of the key benefits that the client reaped from us to deliver the best outcomes.

  • Attracted a huge number of sign-ups from nursing institutes and students
  • Enabled every institute to generate a graphical result of a student's assessment so that it can pick the right candidate
  • Ensured the application followed data security best practices
  • Designed the user interface of the web application so that it remains responsive on different devices
Client's Speak
I am happy with the web portal I received from Flexsin. The portal has everything that I envisioned. So, the Flexsin team takes an effort to understand the requirements and accelerate the delivery. Good job, people!
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
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