Built An Enterprise Website To Help Trucking Companies Optimize Their Business Performance And Improve Outcomes

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Client Overview
The client is providing a tracking app that helps the transport companies in maximizing their productivity by putting less effort. It provides a platform for customers to search for trusted truckers who can transport the load to its final destination around the world. With the tracking system, customers can locate the drivers location and manage to complete the things on time. The tracking app contains various features including real time driver tracking, effective communication with drivers, company to company tracking and many more.
Business Needs
The client approached us to develop a website that works as a search engine for customers to find the truckers services. The website should enable the users to get registered on the website and easily avail the services. It enables the users to track the trucks location with the help of Google Map. Once the truck reaches the final destination, customers can easily make payment online with a secured gateway. The website included various features and solutions to bring beneficial outcomes by offering relevant information.

  • User-friendly and intuitive website design
  • Enable to create account on the website
  • Add Google Map feature for tracking
  • Responsive website run on all types of devices
  • Safe and secure payment process
  • High performance website
  • Solution & Strategy

Strategy & Solution
After analyzing the project requirement, we shared our working strategies with the client. We created the system through which customers can easily choose the truck services as well as track the driver location if they do not reach the final destination. As the application contained various features, therefore our developers divided the project in different phases for its successful accomplishment. We ensured that customers can easily search for services on the website and make the payment in a secured manner. The strategies were well-designed to bring the best outcomes for the client by increasing the customers.

Front-end Our designer's team dedicatedly worked to make the website interface more interactive and user-friendly to attract more users to avail client services. We developed the responsive website compatible with all browsers to enhance client's business reach. The users can easily search for the truck services and track the driver's location to ensure the timely delivery of load on the final designation. We combined the perfect blend of color combination and graphic to make it look appealing as well as easy-to-use. Our aim was to develop high performance, scalable and impressive website design. The key feature of front end included:-

  • Lightweight website for fast load time
  • Effective navigation
  • Ajax is used for front end
  • Easy login system
  • Interactive map management to display ground location

Backend Managing the information of current location of the truck was quite challenging task for us, therefor we developed a robust backend system to manage all the tracking details. We focused to developing user-friendly interface to ensure better connectivity of pages from home page and ensured safe and secure data transfer. The system was going to be loaded with bulk of data, therefor our developers worked on optimizing the loading speed of the website.

  • Provide easy CMS for all available sections on the website
  • SQL is utilized to interact with database
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • Maintain content management system
  • Enable easy tracking of trucks in real time
  • Safe and secure payment gateway

Development process Our development team worked according to the planned strategy and methodologies to complete the website development phase. We focused on structuring the website to provide clear navigation with added high functionality features. We utilized CakePHP coding to maintain scalability, simplified coding and easy deployment. Lot of challenges came during development phase, therefore we deployed the dedicated team of senior developers, HTML developers and testing engineers to complete the project within stipulated time. Our prime aim was to develop the well-functional and stable website to meet the client's needs.

  • Research and identify the required technical functionalities
  • Tested the website elements and added interactive features
  • Test and validate the project before delivery
  • Used emerging technologies to enhance portal performance
  • Worked on business layers to connect the data

Business Outcomes
We successfully developed an intuitive and appealing website with all functionality features required by the client. The major focus was to track the real time location of the drivers with the help of Google Map. We also implemented an efficient search module so that users can search for drivers and easily contact them. We also integrated payment gateway to ensure safe and secure online payment system. On the website, customers can post for the shipment which needs to be delivered while truck owners can post their truck services with detailed information.

The client was able to achieve the below successful outcomes:

  • Augment the numbers of customers by enhancing its reach to wide audiences
  • Provide real time updates of the trip and driver
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Provide user-friendly platform for drivers and customers
  • Increase ROI of the client business
  • Increase the download of application

Client's Speak
Fabulous work done by the Flexsin! I am very happy with the team who always kept me updated with project progress and successfully completed it without any delays. Keep it up !
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