A Custom Web Application On MEAN Improved Content Monetization Capabilities For A US-Based Market Research Firm

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Client Overview
An investment research company required a digital platform that would deliver insightful content to help customers identify opportunities across different asset classes to achieve their financial goals. The client has become a trusted financial advisor to more than 120 wealth management companies by helping them mobilize their capital effectively. We partnered with the client to build its web application on the MEAN stack. Hosted on the AWS cloud, the application was scalable and helped accessing financial forecasting content that shaped tactical and strategic decisions.
Business Needs
From the start, the client wanted to build a robust platform that would provide knowledge, insights, and analyses to anyone interested in the world of investment and financial forecasting. The client even had the idea of monetizing its content that would help inject sustainability into its publishing model. Here are some concrete needs that the client had in mind before building its platform.

  • Simplifying the way companies and investors access the latest market research reports and other high-quality content assets
  • Monetizing the business model by adding a variety of subscription models for enterprises and solo investors
  • Streamlining and fast-tracking the way users sign up on the portal
  • Making the portal's interface so intuitive that even those investors with limited technical know-how could use it
  • Ensuring that the user data, including login credentials, contact details, etc., was stored securely
Strategy & Solution
The client's search for a dependable technology partner ended with us. We have an excellent track record of being a leading custom web development company and a top-rated fintech application developer. Initial brainstorming sessions with the client's team helped us zero in on building a MEAN application for admins and users. Once this MEAN application was deployed, the users could read reports, get notified, and mark a report as a favorite. On the other end, the admin was decided to hold the rights of publishing the reports.

The client wanted the application to be intuitive. To help build an interactive application interface, our front-end experts were brought on board. Our developers made sure that the application's learning curve was not steep. The team of front-end specialists constantly interacted with the client on getting its inputs on login screens, signup forms, etc. Here are a few highlights of the project's front-end.

  • Built highly intuitive app screens to enable users to sign up on the portal, log in to it, and download reports
  • Helped users navigate different reports easily and quickly
  • Empowered users to find out which reports would they need by applying filters
  • Allowed users to select different subscription models and read reports based on their subscriptions
  • Enabled users to start or stop receiving real-time application notifications easily
  • Gave users the option to download reports in different formats, including PPT, PDF, and XLS, depending on the information type

The backend of the application was developed by our backend experts. We have integrated with different APIs, including Transpact Escrow and AWS SJ Bucket, to improve the functionality of the web application. The backend of the project was built following the MEAN stack. That way, we ensured that the backend was robust and scalable at the same time. Here are a few highlights of the project's backend.

  • Empowered the admin to bring the complete power of escrow to the website
  • Allowed the admin to help users manage access to multiple applications
  • Enhanced the visibility of how many reports have been downloaded
  • Provided the ability to publish the reports for users
  • Simplified how website content was managed
  • Enabled the admin to export the user activity report for more details

Development Process:
We followed a Time and Material (T&M) model for developing this project. By following this model, we made sure that the project development, implementation, and testing activities were carried out cost-effectively. As this model was perfect for long-term engagements, we followed it to the letter to ensure that the development and deployment costs could be minimized. Moreover, we also followed an agile development methodology to make sure that the delivery cycle was streamlined. Here are the highlights of our development process.

  • Ideated with the client's team about the technology roadmap
  • Established different project milestones
  • Set the responsibilities of project stakeholders
  • Shortened the delivery cycle without compromising on quality
  • Delivered post-deployment support and application training

Business Outcomes
Once the project was implemented, the client was able to share fiscal content with the audiences more effectively. The deployment of the web application enabled the client to reap multiple benefits in terms of revenue, market share, and others. Here are some sizable benefits that the client was able to reap once the engagement came to a close.

  • Disseminated financial content among the audiences effectively
  • Helped investors and enterprises gain access to insights for improving decision-making capabilities
  • Improved the overall readership of fiscal reports by 45%
  • Augmented the client's market share and helped it experience an uptick in the revenue
  • Streamlined content delivery by notifying the audiences whenever a new report got published
Client's Speak
We are delighted to have an open-source development partner like Flexsin with us. The team understood our requirements and helped us implement our business vision cost-effectively.
Jon Clements
Managing Director, MarketDesk, USA
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