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Developed A MEAN-Powered Social Proof Notification Tool To Check The Number Of Site Visitors

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Client Overview
The client manages a social proof notification tool that aims to take online businesses to the next level of growth with the power of social proof. Through its game-changing technology, the client has already helped its customers achieve significant conversion lifts, build credibility, and streamline the customer acquisition process. This revolutionary tool, offered by the client, has a novel business concept that has been trusted by different online, SaaS, and e-commerce businesses across the world. Moreover, the client underscores the value of user-friendliness; to that end, the tool is designed to have a blunt learning curve and includes an intuitive dashboard too. For this reason, more and more businesses have started incorporating the social proof notification tool of the client to get real-time updates on the number of visitors coming to their websites.
Business Needs
In a bid to offer live updates to its site visitors, the client wanted a robust web solution that can deliver real-time notifications consistently. By leveraging this tool, the client's customers were to improve their conversion rates and credibility in the market. The tool was even supposed to feed and fetch the details specific to social proof shared by the client's customers..

  • Creating a responsive web ecosystem
  • Building an intuitive social tool
  • Developing a dashboard
  • Including data import and export capabilities
  • Generating script codes
  • Managing subscription plans
Strategy & Solution
Our team of open source developers, web designers, and MEAN stack specialists was engaged for accelerating project development. These developers used the frontend and backend technology in full for making sure that it streamlined the working of the promotional ecosystem and the social proof notification tool as well. The developers even had to work for incorporating leading payment gateways and other miscellaneous tasks.

For developing the web presence and the social notification tool, our team used the MEAN stack technology including AngularJS, JavaScript, and HTML5. The team of frontend developers designed the social proof notification tool and web ecosystem for:
  • Improving the responsiveness
  • Optimizing the overall performance
  • Developing flexible web assets

Besides developing the project's frontend, we leveraged MEAN stack for developing highly robust backend too. Our team was sure from the word go about the technology stack it would use so it even envisioned the deployment road map for the project.
  • Enhancing code usability
  • Implementing a dedicated database
  • Streamlining the switch between frontend and backend

Development Process
The team followed a tested development process for making sure that the web ecosystem and the tool were developed and deployed within the defined time frame. Our team used the following process for developing the project.

  • Gathering requirements
  • Formulating milestones
  • Developing and deploying the project
  • Testing
  • Fixing bugs and other maintenance

    • With these factors, the client experienced our team's professionalism and a strong commitment to meeting deadlines. Our development process and our solution were not only feasible but also highly cost-effective.

Business Outcomes
The solution was designed and developed by our team in exact accord with the client's requirements. Our team consistently gathered client feedback for making sure that the project completed on time and budget. By developing a highly dependable solution, we made sure that the client was able to reap a variety of benefits from this engagement. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  • Integrated the social media API into the ecosystem
  • Included a powerful, secure payment gateway
  • Incorporated Google Location API
  • Enabled subscription list management
  • Streamlined the way data is uploaded and fetched
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