A Real Estate Decentralized App Built On Binance Smart Chain Transforms Properties Into Digital Shares

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Client Overview
A US-based licensed real estate firm needed to create a decentralized app (DApp) that enabled investors to buy and sell physical properties as digital shares. Since 2002, the client operates a real estate company and is now building a secure property token exchange, turning properties into liquid assets that can be sold and leveraged quickly. We partnered with the client to create a real estate DApp with two dedicated tokens on Binance Smart Chain, helping risk-averse investors diversify their portfolios with confidence.
Business Needs
Being a seasoned real estate investor and agent, the client wanted to build a robust blockchain-enabled web application where investors could buy and sell properties as digital shares securely. This one platform was supposed to allow all its users, or token-holders, to participate in every aspect of a real estate transaction without remaining in a deal for a long period. Moreover, the platform was also supposed to enable its users to access their capital anytime. Here are some of the needs that prompted the client to partner with a blockchain development company to put the blockchain-powered application from paper to the real world.

  • Creating an end-to-end blockchain application for the real estate segment
  • Letting users access their invested capital anytime seamlessly and securely
  • Developing two tokens for marketplace users and crowd-sale investors
  • Enabling users to buy and hold investments or even to flip properties
  • Empowering users to leverage or sell their liquid assets - stocks, for example - quickly and easily on the platform
Strategy & Solution
As we are a trusted blockchain development company, we became the client's go-to choice when it came to project development, execution, and deployment. During the discovery session, we understood and confirmed the scope of the project. On the basis of defining the project scope, we also set milestones and decided to follow the agile methodology for realizing the project idea.

The client had two specific users - one who would participate in the crowd sale and others who would invest in the marketplace. Because of this reason, we made sure that two dedicated tokens - CCI and CCD -- should be made. As part of our blockchain development suite, we offer token development services as well. We have deep expertise in creating tokens on Ethereum, TRON, ERC20, TRC20, BEP20, and Polygon. Because of our deep capabilities in developing tokens, we were able to help the client with establishing the project's tokenomics too.

For this project, we went ahead and developed the application on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). And there were several factors that motivated us to build this decentralized application (DApp) on BSC. One of these factors was the fact that BSC has opted for a PoSA or Proof of Staked Authority that shortens block time and lowers the transaction cost. Moreover, the fact that the client was looking to charge a low fee to its users so that it could pull conservative realty investors made BSC an ideal choice.

As we chose BSC, we made sure that the two tokens were created in full compliance with the BEP-20 standard. (BEP stands for Binance Evolution Proposal.) Aside from deciding the blockchain framework on which the DApp would be developed, we decided on a technical framework for application development as well. Here is where we zeroed in on using the MEAN stack. Undoubtedly, the MEAN stack offers a solid technical framework for building robust applications. Moreover, our blockchain developers did not have any challenges in syncing the MEAN stack with BSC. Additionally, the integration between the components of the MEAN stack and BSC was simple to achieve and secure too.


Our frontend developers used AngularJS, which is part of the MEAN stack, to develop the UI of the decentralized application (DApp). Initially, our developers had set up a few meetings with the client to get an idea of the app's look and feel. Eventually, our frontend specialists made sure the tone of the client's brand should be captured in the DApp. Here are some of the highlights of the project's frontend.

  • Ensured the client had the ability to invest in the platform's cryptocurrencies - CDD and CII
  • Enabled the admin to get complete visibility of the investors and how many tokens they have
  • Empowered the investors to earn, rent, and stake tokens
  • Made sure the tokens can be stored in Litecoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Bitcoin wallets


Like frontend development, we made sure the project had a robust backend to make sure the DApp was secure and could handle more traffic. For this reason, our backend developers made sure to check the project's feasibility reports created during the initial phases. Here are the highlights of the project's backend.

  • Set up a Flexsin server dedicated to building the client's staging and development environments
  • Established a production environment that used AWS EC2 service
  • Deployed the project keeping robust CI/CD pipelines available in Azure
  • Used Azure DevOps for managing projects

Development Process

We used the agile methodology during the project development, its deployment, etc. Moreover, we used the scrum framework for streamlining project execution too. We even set up sprint execution time for approximately two weeks. And every scrum ceremony that we planned before the project's initiation was scheduled on time. Overall, here are the key highlights of the development process we followed throughout the course of the project.

  • Collected project requirements from the client and set milestones
  • Set up a team of blockchain developers, a scrum master, a project coordinator, and web developers
  • Executed daily stand-ups to get an idea of the total time required to make deliveries and eliminate development roadblocks
  • Checked every deliverable before sending it to the client's team for final approval
  • Created user manuals to help prospective users work with the DApp
Business Outcomes
When the engagement came to a close, the client was able to launch its real estate blockchain application on time. As the app's idea was novel, it was a big hit among users after its launch. The client also received a massive number of new users within a week of the DApp's launch. To sum up, here are some of the benefits the client reaped once its DApp was launched.

  • Received a large number of sign-ups that improved the bottom line
  • Gave users the ability to stake their tokens securely
  • Converted parcels of land into digital shares on BSC seamlessly
  • Diversified the portfolios of users and expanded their earning opportunities
Client's Speak
I am happy with how my blockchain application is helping customers find real estate properties as digital shares and diversify their portfolios. The blockchain developers at Flexsin delivered pretty good results every single time. Highly recommended!
Blake Kilbury
Chief Executive Officer, KeyCalm
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