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Focus on developing highly innovative and scalable android apps to delight
customer experience and building brand value.
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Android is an open source which has given a new platform for the businesses to expand their marketing strategy. With our in-depth knowledge of Java programming language, we deliver cutting-edge android solutions for diverse industry verticals.
Flexsin emphasizes on every aspect of android app development including development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Our android developments applications are monitored by experts of mobility solutions to offer high-performance apps compatibility with numerous Android devices available in the market. We endeavor to provide cutting-edge android app development by achieving complete customer satisfaction level.
  • Custom App development

    Pioneer in developing customized android apps that perfectly work with all wearable. Utilize android studio or Eclipse IDE for its compilation and run Java code.
  • App Design

    "Design is the king" for any app. We develop stunning, attractive and captivating app design without compromising on its integrity and performance architecture.
  • Maintenance & Support

    Ensure smooth functioning of the applications by providing 24 x7 support & maintenance. We make sure to offer a quick response in order to solve any query from the client side.
  • App Testing & Migration

    Rigorously debug and test all the android applications in different parameters. And optimize mobile software to transform it into advanced and next-gen app for android device.
Our Android Expertise
The full spectrum of development services for creating integrated and leveraging android applications that support all android smartphones and offer magnify business results. Harness the power of our team expertise to develop scalable and robust app solutions to achieve business requirements for diverse market verticals. Our services for varied sectors:
    • News app development
    • Game app development
    • Internet app development
    • Maps app development
    • Health app development
    • Finance app development
    • Music app development
    • Multimedia app development
    • Social networking app development
    • Business Android Apps
    • eCommerce Android Apps
    • Education Android Apps
    • Photo & Video Android Apps
    • Sports Android Apps
    • Utilities Android Apps
    • Augmented Reality Apps
    • GPS Based Real Time Application
Our Android Competency
  • Frameworks & Components
    • Android SDK
    • Google Cast SDK
    • Titanium
    • Android ANT SDK
    • Play Games SDK
  • Databases
    • MySql
    • Oracle
    • MS Access
    • SQl Lite
  • API
    • Android Pay API
    • Remote Display API
    • Game Manager API
  • Tools
    • Android M SDK
    • Android Lollipop
    • Eclipse
    • Android Studio
    • ADT
  • Experts of Android app development
    At Flexsin, we are engaged in delivering innovative and reliable android app development services within cost-effective budget. Our experts have acute knowledge and proficiency with latest development tools which allow them to develop functional and distinct featured apps for all the android versions. We build precise, interactive and user-friendly apps which are bug-free and offer exceptional functionality features.
    • Practical solutions within budget.
    • Develop advanced apps with great functionalities.
    • Accomplish the project within given time period.
    • Provide timely comprehensive reporting to the client.
    • Keep your data, coding and information confidential .
    • Round the clock support system.
    • Work with 100% transparency.
    • Having strong knowledge and expertise.
  • 1 10+ Years of
  • 2 ISO
  • 3 Certified Developers
    & Programmers on Board
  • 4 CMMI Equivalent
    Development Process
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