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Virtual Stores Unleashed

Virtual Stores Unleashed

A Virtual store in a metaverse brings multiple opportunities to take the shopping experience of a customer to the next level. A virtual shopping environment would enable shoppers to digitally shop with a remote person living in another part of the world.

This is possible because a virtual outlet is powered by emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, AR, VR, IoT, automation, etc. This breed of innovative virtual spaces is already enabling retailers to deliver the most immersive shopping experiences that boost engagement rates and maximize sales.
Consumers stepping inside a digital store will interact with different digital touchpoints. At the time of entering the store, they will see a digital product catalog. Clicking on a specific product will bring a digital replica of the product.

That is how metaverse is already elevating the overall shopping experience from start to finish. Most savvy retailers and e-commerce leaders are already taking notice of virtual commerce. They understand how metaverses are reimagining possibilities and reshaping the experience of shoppers now and beyond.

Virtual Store Features

Virtual storefronts use 3D modeling, AR, VR, MR, AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies to turn traditional online shopping into experiential e-commerce that increases the audience engagement rate.
  • Decentralization


    When your virtual store is powered by a blockchain - Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, etc. - you will make every engagement decentralized.
  • 3D Modelling

    3D Modelling

    You can use 3D modeling to make fitting rooms and display shelves and design the store as immersive as its physical counterpart.
  • Communication


    Your stores can use communication protocols - voiced-based, emoji-based, text-based, etc. - to make every interaction yield results.
  • Integration


    Your virtual store can become feature-packed by integrating it with third-party APIs and best-in-class hardware systems.
  • Analytics


    By embedding your virtual store with analytics software, you can turn your space into a data mine of customer details, buying patterns, etc.
  • Haptics


    Using advanced haptic technology, you can enable shoppers to touch and feel products virtually and improve shopping UX.
  • Immersive Ecommerce

    Immersive Ecommerce

    Virtual store owners like you customize the immersive quality of a space by using AR apps(partial immersive) and VR headsets (fully immersive).
  • Virtual Campaign Management

    Virtual Campaign Management

    Ecommerce metaverse experiences enable you to change product campaigns and store inventory intuitively and seamlessly in real time.

Virtual Store Benefits

Turn flagship outlets into metaverse-powered 360-degree digital stores that are ready for the next. Once stores become virtual, shoppers will not want to go back to the boring grid of product thumbnails.
  • Business 24/7

    Business 24/7

    Let your store deliver a non-stop immersive shopping UX that is unaffected by time constraints or boundaries.
  • Brand Building

    Brand Building

    Enable an outlet to become a destination that delights visitors and encourages them to turn into shoppers.
  • Safe And Seamless

    Safe And Seamless

    Give virtual stores the capability to provide safe and seamless UX that makes buyer journeys interactive.
  • Global Reach

    Global Reach

    Transform your physical outlet into a virtual store that will expand its global presence at the speed you want.
  • Interactive Shopping

    Interactive Shopping

    A virtual store helps shopping go beyond the click-and-add-to-the-cart experience and become truly interactive.
  • Longer Sessions

    Longer Sessions

    Interactive 3D spaces make shopping immersive and let shoppers linger longer than they do on apps and websites.
  • Personalized UX

    Personalized UX

    Analyzing the buying behaviors and shopping analytics helps retailers personalize every buyer interaction.
  • Collaborative Experience

    Collaborative Experience

    Virtual stores enable shoppers and retailers to collaborate and create memorable shopping experiences.

Creating Metaverse Shopping Experiences With Flexsin

Deliver engaging virtual shopping experiences in true-to-life virtual stores operating inside a metaverse. Get a partner to help you create virtual shopping journeys that pop up and skyrocket sales.
  • Modeling Immersive 3D Spaces
  • Implementing Data Analytics In The Metaverse
  • Delivering Platform-Agnostic Digital Products
  • Creating AR/VR-Driven Experiences
  • Showcasing Deep Blockchain Expertise
  • Offering Fast Delivery Times
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