A Digital Asset Exchange On Blockchain Streamlined And Secured Crypto Trading And Stock Transactions

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Client Overview
An online brokerage firm required a secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange to enable customers to sell digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. On a mission to speed up the adoption of crypto-assets, the client operates an exchange that supports an incredible trading volume and strengthens transaction security. As a cryptocurrency development company, we helped the client create a digital asset exchange that would double as a stock investment platform. The feature-rich crypto exchange had built-in crypto wallets and used Alpaca, Kraken, and Accura Scan APIs to improve trading outcomes.
Business Needs
The client wanted to build an end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange and stock investment platform. This platform was planned to help common investors gain access to top-of-the-line crypto investments. Besides, the platform even helped create and manage a variety of blockchain-based digital assets and stock investments. Delivering multiple investment opportunities, the platform has a dedicated wallet that can be used for different humanitarian and social causes. The client also wanted to build a platform that would support low transactional costs. Here are some highlighted business needs that the client had in mind before the engagement began.

  • Designing and deploying an end-to-end crypto exchange and stock investment platform
  • Helping investors gain access to different crypto-based assets to maximize their wealth opportunities
  • Creating an ecosystem that would support frictionless transactions among different institutions
  • Minimizing the transaction costs when compared with what is charged by industry leaders
Strategy & Solution
To help put its vision of a comprehensive and robust crypto exchange from paper to the real world, the client wanted to tie up with a blockchain development partner. Here is where we came in. Our team of blockchain developers have extensive experience in helping businesses build crypto exchanges from the ground up. Owing to this experience, we became the go-to option to help the client build a feature-packed crypto exchange. We brainstormed with the client's business leaders and technology teams to define the features that the exchange's users will have. We alongside the client, decided to give investors the option of buying and selling crypto-assets. Besides, we also empowered the users to transfer and withdraw their crypto-assets seamlessly. On top of that, we planned that the exchange should also have an escrow payment wallet of BTC, ETH, and other top-performing assets. Likewise, we even built an import crypto wallet for receiving different crypto-assets from a different wallet. Moreover, the process of creating wallets for storing crypto-assets was also planned to become much easier and faster. We even had dedicated user eKYC management systems to help minimize the threats of fraudulency. We also went with Kraken Exchange APIs for enabling real-time trading options. On top of that, we used Alpaca APIs to ensure real-time stock market investments took place. Our blockchain developers harnessed AngularJS, Node.js, and MongoDB for building the front-end, forming the backend, and managing all the database tasks.

Since the cryptocurrency exchange was supposed to attract hordes of investors, our team of front-end developers made sure the UI was interactive. That is why the team used the latest components of HTML5/CSS and JavaScript. This way, our developers ensured that the UI had simplicity built right on the exchange's UI. Here are a few features that made the front-end of the project intuitive.

  • Prioritized usability of the exchange over everything else
  • Ensured the UI's learning curve was not steep
  • Built dedicated windows for helping investors trade
  • Streamlined the way sign-ups take place

Our backend developers zeroed in on Node.js and Express.js to build a robust foundation for the application. The team also used MongoDB as the database so that any transactional and data requests were handled optimally with zero downtime. Here are a couple of features for the application's backend.

  • Integrated Kraken Exchange APIs into the system for real-time crypto trading
  • Used Alpaca for simplifying how stock market investments take place
  • Leveraged Node.js and Express.js for developing APIs
  • Harnessed Accurascan for fast-tracking eKYC verification
  • Developed workflows to streamline and secure transactions

Development Process:
We used the agile work methodology for accelerating cryptocurrency exchange development. In the beginning, we attended multiple pre-production meetings with the client to understand its requirements clearly. Once the deliverables were finalized, we worked in close collaboration with the client's business team and technology specialists. This way, we were able to fast-track project development. Here are the key highlights from the development process.

  • Arranged pre-production meetings with the client to understand the scope of the project
  • Defined project milestones and got on sprint meetings periodically
  • Established the roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders as and when required
  • Handled any add-on requirements even while the development was afoot
  • Tested different deliverables much before they were shown to the client
  • Extended post-deployment support to the client's team in the form of user training programs

Business Outcomes
Once the cryptocurrency exchange went live, the client attracted many investors. We helped the client build a robust and all-inclusive fintech infrastructure. This infrastructure empowered investors to uncover growth opportunities by helping the investors speculate in crypto coins and multiple blockchain-powered assets. Here are some of the top benefits that the project delivered once it was implemented.

  • Empowered investors to operate and transact without any intermediary
  • Ensured the speed of transactions was blazing fast even at peak hours
  • Added fresh layers of security and scalability to the crypto-trading ecosystem
  • Implemented a fool-proof eKYC process for investors worldwide
Client's Speak
The blockchain application was built as per the schedule set during the initial pre-review meetings. Best of all, the exchange is performing as expected in terms of scalability and security. I really appreciate working with Flexsin and will easily recommend this team on any given day!

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