A Network Of Blockchains Powered By Hyperledger Fabric That Drove Decentralized Innovation For SMEs

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Client Overview
A technology company needed a decentralized ecosystem to support P2P digital economic initiatives across different blockchains. Being part of the blockchain industry that is expected to grow to US$163.83 billion by 2029, the client offers a modular, secure, platform-agnostic, scalable network of decentralized ledgers. As a blockchain growth partner, we associated with the client to build a decentralized internet of blockchains on Hyperledger Fabric. Hosted on AWS, the asset maximized the interoperability of different blockchain solutions owned by small and medium businesses.
Business Needs
The client aimed to empower small businesses to transform into robust online entities. Additionally, the client also aimed to enable SMEs and mid-market enterprises to unlock the potential of blockchain for improving their scalability. For this reason, the client wanted to build a robust blockchain ecosystem that would accelerate the pace of B2B transformation. Some concrete needs that the client had in mind before the start of the engagement are as mentioned below.

  • Introducing interoperability among independent blockchains and strengthening it.
  • Demolishing the digital siloes in which blockchain-powered innovative assets exist.
  • Lowering the technical threshold for blockchain app developer.
  • Securing the transactions executed across multiple blockchains.
  • Transforming legacy business models into decentralized drivers of growth.
Strategy & Solution
After multiple meetings and detailed rounds of discussions, the client decided to bring us on board as its blockchain development partner. Being a blockchain development company with deep expertise in implementing Amazon AWS solutions, we were an ideal digital partner for the client. Our years of experience in designing and implementing scalable blockchain solutions also helped us earn the client's trust. Initial meetings with the client's business team enabled us to identify Amazon AWS for building the blockchain ecosystem. We chose this cloud computing platform because it would provide the client with a robust enterprise-grade infrastructure, too. After all, we were building a network of blockchains that could help businesses and individuals kick-start their own consortiums and put them into production.

The blockchain ecosystem was user-centric from end to end. That is why the client wanted its interface to be intuitive, lag-free, and smooth. The client brought out front-end developers who used their HTML capabilities for designing a user-centric and easy-to-navigate UI. Here are some of the key highlights of the blockchain ecosystem's front-end.

  • Developed an intuitive user interface that was smooth to navigate
  • Incorporated an array of interactive elements across the UI
  • Built a sign-up process that was quick to deploy and easy to understand
  • Enabled users to set up their individual fabrics by feeding information to validators and setup nodes

To help develop a robust backend for its blockchain ecosystem, the client brought our backend developers on board. After understanding the business requirements of the client, the team went ahead with MongoDB for storing data and multiple transactional details. On top of that, our Hyperledger Fabric developers built an API for allowing the users to create their blockchain networks from the start. We also built an AWS API for empowering users to build servers from scratch.

  • Used Hyperledger Fabric scripts to build a secure network
  • Made sure that the backend of the blockchain ecosystem was well-connected with the database
  • Leveraged Terraform that helped users communicate seamlessly with the AWS server

Development Process:
The project was deployed following a Time and Material (T&M) model. Being a long-term engagement, we decided to stick to the T&M model that made development, testing, and implementation initiatives cost-effective. Besides following a T&M model, we also followed the agile methodology where the sprint duration was set to two weeks. After every sprint session, we had a project demo. Based on the demo's performance, the client used to give us feedback. On the basis of the feedback received after every demo session, we used to plan the subsequent sprint sessions.

  • Held multiple initial review meetings to understand project requirements
  • Carried out well-planned sprint sessions with live demos
  • Successfully implemented the client's feedback gathered after every sprint session
  • Tested the final deliverables against multiple parameters of quality
  • Delivered post-implementation support and platform training

Business Outcomes
Once the blockchain ecosystem was up and running, the client saw hordes of blockchain enthusiasts and enterprises signing up on it. The platform was a success because of the fact that everyone wanted to build their private blockchain networks. Besides, the platform even gave its users the capability to harness the power of decentralized innovations that were previously siloed in their respective blockchains. Here are some business outcomes that the client experienced once the blockchain ecosystem went live.

  • Implemented the mega network of blockchains that were designed to improve the business ROI substantially
  • Reduced the time of developing and deploying a blockchain network by 34 resource-hours
  • Lowered the barriers of building a dedicated blockchain network for developers
  • Enabled platform users to harness powerful SDKs to build customized blockchain solutions
  • Improved the interoperability of multiple blockchain innovations
Client's Speak
Our business idea was revolutionary, and Flexsin helped us deploy it at both speed and scale. Now, the blockchain developers at Flexsin have become an integral part of our team.

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