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Deployed A Blockchain And Smart Contracts For Optimizing the Supply Chain For An F&B Leader

Expertise: Supply Chain Management (SCM)
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Technologies: Smart Contract
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Client Overview
The coffee supply chain has remained unoptimized and neglected owing to the presence of middlemen, depreciating market prices, and other factors. To help improve the efficiency of the coffee supply chain, the client has come up with a new-age supply chain management (SCM) framework that is powered by blockchain and governed by smart contracts. The SCM solution engineered by the client is aimed at disrupting the conventional production-to-consumption process of coffee. This system is designed to provide more transparency and efficiency to the processes of manufacturing coffee to consuming it. Besides, this robust SCM solution has enabled the stakeholders to store critical data required at different stages, from production to consumption. That way, the client is helping consumers know where their joe has come from while letting the producers know where the product has ended up.
Business Needs
Client approached us to help him cut off all unnecessary cost from production to consumption of his product, i.e. coffee. Moreover, he wanted full-fledged 'Track & Trace' technology to be implemented all-throughout. He wanted data sharing process among manufacturers, warehouse and vendors to be interoperable, verifiable and transparent. Their key business needs were:

  • More transparent 'production to Consumption process
  • Highly secure transactions
  • Efficient and streamlined operations
  • Better data analysis
  • More customer engagement
Strategy & Solution
If we talk about conventional 'production to Consumption process, it is mostly dependent on emails or fax machines when it comes to transferring contracts around the world, resulting in error prone and delayed paperwork. By effecting smart contracts on blockchain in regards to coffee production, we enabled undisputable and verifiable data sources for our client. Now, they can store all critical data essential at different stages of supply chain without paying to any intermediaries or fearing any counterfeited information.

Front-end Our team of well-seasoned blockchain app developers was put to carry out this challenging job as it resulted in a satisfactory solution for our client. As the demand was for a high-end supply chain management system on Blockchain, we used these below mentioned technologies for the front-end process:

  • Node JS
  • Apache & PhP
  • Truffle
  • Metamask (Ethereum wallet)

Backend Our team of professionals had a strategic approach as they reached the concluding phase of the production. Here are the backend technologies we used to ensure the app fits the needs of our client just about perfectly:

  • Ethereum
  • Solidity (Smart Contract language)
  • Web3JS
  • IPFS

Development process Development process observed by our team was project-oriented. There is a stack of conventional methods, and there is always an add-on as we jump from one project to another. Our team of professionals is highly flexible, plus adaptable to each new requirement. Anyway, as far as this project was concerned, here's how our team approached towards success:

  • Identified the issues and suitable goals
  • Identified the appropriate blockchain platform for the app
  • Brainstorming ideas that fitted client's business needs
  • Proof-of-concept development
  • Outlining technical and visual designs
  • Development of the app
  • Deploying the app
Business Outcomes
The blockchain-based Coffee Supply Chain Management system was developed to be an anti-counterfeit solution, further introducing more transparency and efficiency to its supply chain. The app now tracks the entire production process, i.e. from sourcing of coffee beans to pouring a cup of tea. Here are the exceptional features of the app:

  • Identifying counterfeit materials
  • Identifying diverted materials
  • Tracing if any merchandise has been stolen during the production phase
  • Recognizing if there's been any fraudulent transactions
  • Making each data verifiable by all the stakeholders in the supply chain
Client's Speak
Working with Flexsin's development team was good. They have been productive and delivered on promise.
Sydney, Australia
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