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Accelerate innovation, achieve elasticity in cloud computing, boost deployment quality, improve operational efficiency, and achieve scalability with DevOps consulting services.
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As a DevOps consulting company, we help optimize SDLCs, achieve 99% production stability, and automate delivery cycles. Our DevOps consulting services enable enterprises to break siloes, drive productivity, and improve development outcomes.
  • Pipeline And Releases

    Pipeline And Releases

    Build automated CI/CD pipelines on serverless or microservices architecture to accelerate releases.
  • CI/CD


    Merge code changes faster to combat bugs and push the code into production pipelines continuously.
  • Infrastructure Automation

    Infrastructure Automation

    Automate infrastructure components on the cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions at speed and scale.
  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Embrace the disaster-recovery mentality to minimize change failures and ensure continuous value delivery.
  • Containerization And Kubernetes

    Containerization And Kubernetes

    Build containers for running applications and use K8s to execute containerized apps on hosts.
  • Security Management In Cloud

    Security Management In Cloud

    Adopt DevOps to build a multi-step process for tackling cloud-centric security vulnerabilities.
  • Configuration Management

    Configuration Management

    Effectively configure testing ecosystems to overcome data breaches and outages and unlock success.
  • Release Management

    Release Management

    Shorten feedback loops and improve release cycles with DevOps that helps IT teams and developers collaborate.

DevOps Services

DevOps services create value by improving and accelerating delivery, resulting in a seamless path to production with dependable IT outcomes in application development and operations.
  • Assessment & Strategy

    Assessment & Strategy

    Assesses the maturity of a client's development and operations teams and then creates an implementation strategy and roadmap that sets the course for devops execution.
  • Application Architecture

    Application Architecture

    Defines an architecture supporting automated releasing, scalability, feature control, automated testing, instrumentation and operability.
  • Devops Implementation

    Devops Implementation

    Designs and builds a tooling platform to support devops practices from development to production.
  • Organizational Change

    Organizational Change

    Helps organizations change their operating model and implement devops behaviours.
  • Operating Model

    Operating Model

    Helps clients translate their business and it strategies into a coordinated set of devops processes, roles, governance structures, performance metrics and organization structures.
  • Devops Managed Services

    Devops Managed Services

    provides on an ongoing or managed services basis, freeing up client resources for application design, development and testing - enabling clients to achieve continuous delivery.

DevOps Model

The DevOps model is significantly different from the traditional IT model. DevOps integrates the application lifecycle into an end-to-end, iterative process.
Traditional IT Model
  • Straightforward sequential process assuming all is known
  • Big chunks of work
  • Maximizes each process-step, big - bang delivery
  • Many separated functions (silos) with (manual) handoffs
  • Specialization (I-shaped roles)
  • Rigid change ability
Target State Devops Model
  • Complex iterative process to manage unknowns
  • Small chunks of work
  • Maximizes flow, incremental delivery
  • Fewer handoffs (less silos)
  • Generalists (T-shaped roles)
  • More flexible to adapt to change

DevOps Tech Stack

Expand your digital capabilities with our DevOps expertise and capabilities that accelerate time to value and maximize delivery efficiency.
  • Public and private clouds

    • Azure
    • AWS
    • Google Cloud
  • Infrastructure
    as a Code

    • AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, PowerShell, Terraform
  • Automation and orchestration

    • Ansible, Bash, Chef, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, PowerShell, Puppet, Python
  • CI/CD

    • Azure DevOps, AWS, Bitbucket Pipelines, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, Jenkins Pipelines, TeamCity
  • Monitoring and logging

    • AWS CloudWatch, DataDog, ElasticSearch, Grafana, Kibana, Nagios, Prometheus, Splunk, Zabbix
  • Infrastructure security

    • AWS SG, Azure NSG, AWS WAF, Azure Firewall, Application Gateway

DevOps Benefits

Whether you operate an SMB or a multi-location enterprise, our DevOps consulting practice will help your business collaborate faster from scratch at personal and technical levels.
  • Improve Business Agility

    Improve Business Agility

    Embrace the DevOps culture and improve the inter-department interaction process at scale.
  • Accelerate Time-To-Market

    Accelerate Time-To-Market

    Our deep DevOps consulting expertise helps ensure faster and more effective software delivery.
  • Elevate Product Quality

    Elevate Product Quality

    Rigorously testing CI/CD pipelines eliminates major bugs that generally enter production cycles.
  • Embrace Innovation Faster

    Embrace Innovation Faster

    Build an agile approach with DevOps and accelerate digital innovation that influences work ethics.
  • Minimize Downtime

    Minimize Downtime

    Put DevOps into enterprise DNA to manage incidents and make zero-downtime deployments.
  • Strengthen Security

    Strengthen Security

    Use infrastructure-as-a-code to build a culture of continuous delivery of seamless security updates.
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Deployed A Blockchain And Smart Contracts For Optimizing the Supply Chain For An F&B Leader
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